View of the port of the island, with the colorful traditional houses and the boats in the background
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A Remote Treasure Island

On the easternmost side of Greece you’ll come across Kastellorizo, one of the smallest yet prettiest islands of the Dodecanese complex. Also known as Megisti during antiquity, the island has a long history starting in the early Neolithic era. Its ancient name lasted until the Middle Ages, when the knights of St John built Castello Rosso on the reddish rock above the port. The name of the island was given because of the castle with the high double walls and battlements.
Its economic growth started by the end of the 19th century thanks to fishing and shipping. The beautiful stately houses along the Kordoniou coast are reminiscent of those prosperous days.

The quintessence of the best remote holidays one can ask for is what the island offers: serene atmosphere, rich history, a picture perfect village reflecting off the sea by the port area. How about a visit to Kastellorizo?
The inner part of a sea cave and a boat with visitors in the background
The 9km2 island became a tourists’ attraction after the Academy Award winning film “Mediterraneo” was shot there in 1991.

Touring the Island

A Stunning Destination in the Aegean Sea

The first glimpse of the colourful stately houses built on the hillside by the sea is what you’ll see upon your arrival at the harbour. The 1755 mosque with its minaret and red dome houses the Historical Collection of Kastellorizo showcasing documents, heirlooms and pictures from the island’s history (19th c. up to mid 20th c.)

Your scenic walk around Kastellorizo will include strolling around cobblestone alleys, staircases and houses built in the Dodecanetian architectural style. Go see the arches in the Municipal and Nea Agora buildings that follow the architectural style from the Italian Rule. The 1903 Santrapeia School’s building was designed following the neoclassical architectural style of the University of Athens. Head to the Patron Saint Church of Agion Konstantinou and Helenis (1835) and see its gothic architectural style. Its roof stands on twelve granite columns borrowed from the temple of Apollo in Patara Lycia.

Climb up 315 steps from the port to the fort-monastery of Agios Georgios tou Vounou, in the Palaiokastro area, from where a stunning view awaits you. In the monastery there is a catacomb as well as the church of Agios Charalambos.

Don’t Miss:
  • the 14th-c. castle of the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John. It is on Castello Rosso, a hill of red rock, which gave the island its current name.
  • the 4th-century BC temple-like Lycian tomb below the castle.
  • the Archaeological – Diachroniko Museum of Megistis, housed in the historic building “Konaki”. The gallery dedicated to ancient Megisti is particularly interesting. Items referring to the period from the early Christian years until the post-byzantine times are on display in other galleries.
  • Palaiokastro is the most significant monument on the island. Panagia tou Kastrou and Agios Stefanos churches are within the castle grounds. Right below is Acheres where ten cisterns were built during the Turkish Occupation.
  • The Cyclopean Walls can be seen in the areas of Kampos, Palaiokastro and on Mounta Hill.

Filming in Kastellorizo

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Τhe story is set during World War II with a group of Italian soldiers that wash up on a deserted Greek island. Soon, they begin to forget about the war and pursue art, dance and the lovely women of the idyllic island. The movie won the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award in 1992.


Kastellorizo ​​is connected to Piraeus and other Aegean ports. The conventional ferries make the route ""Piraeus - Kastellorizo"" in about 21 hours.
Kastellorizo ​​is connected to Athens International Airport, the flight lasts 3 hours but also to Macedonia International Airport (Thessaloniki), it is also connected to other airports in Greece.

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