Girl with open arms on a sunny beach with sand and trees on the side is looking at the calm sea.
Ⓒ P. Merakos


Holidays on board

Emerald waters and a salty sea breeze keep you company on the most carefree of yachting holidays. Rules and restrictions are blown away like a puff of cloud on the clear blue horizons; no hotel check-ins or “quiet hours” to observe. You’ll swim on the crest of silvery waves with dolphins as playmates, explore unspoilt beaches, discover a brand new passion for fishing, find the perfect spot in a calm, windless harbour and succumb to the ruby sunset, cocktail at hand.


Tips for your Trips


Maritime Museums

The Greeks’ natural affinity with the sea has remained strong across the millennia; this multifaceted and long relationship is shown, and parts of it are highlighted, in maritime and naval museums throughout the country.

Easter on Skiathos

Spending Easter on Skiathos, the island of “the saint of the Greek literature”, is definitely a spiritual experience. Learn why.