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LGBTQ+ Journeying to Athens

Embracing Diver-city in the Heart of Greece

Over the years Athens has become a LGBTQ+ hub. Travellers can enjoy a warm and open-minded atmosphere while discovering fun events and venues. Here are some benefits to visiting Athens as a member of the queer community.


Through social and digital means, Greece has made itself more aware and accepting. As a result, it’s now a must-see LGBTQ-friendly destination with ambassadors, groups, websites, and apps dedicated to supporting the queer community and creating further change. Explore sites and social media groups for news on gatherings or festivals happening in Athens during your stay.

Friendly neighbourhoods

There’s a range of cafés and bars to choose from in areas like Syntagma, Monastiraki, and Gazi, known for their nightlife and inclusivity. While it’s a good idea to research local regulations and trends, you can expect most of the city to welcome diversity, making it an ideal holiday destination for LGBTQ+ travellers.

Hotels and venues

Your accommodation and other entertainment can be just as friendly in Athens. Besides nightclubs and cafés, there are hotels, restaurants, and various venues that offer warm, open, and discreet environments. Whatever you need to feel comfortable. The happiness of every single customer is their priority.


The Athens Pride Festival takes place in June every year and constantly grows in popularity and flair. Visitors can also look forward to music events, art exhibitions, film festivals, and more that embrace the queer community. Before making the trip to Athens, check what fun experiences await you.

Cultural sites

If you want to see the sites as much as the nightlife of Athens, you have nothing to worry about. Every attraction is open to people from all walks of life – sexual orientation and identity are not issues whatsoever. Feel free to visit the Acropolis, Plaka, Lycabettus Hill, Athenian Riviera, and every museum in the city. No policy or person should get in your way.
Overall, expect a fun and fulfilling Greek adventure, whether you prefer to relax and party or learn the history and hidden gems of Athens. Huge progress is being made when it comes to Greek inclusivity, if the flourishing LGTBQ+ community of Athens is any indication. Enjoy your holiday without a care in the world.

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