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Greece: the sunny side of life

Greece symbolizes the happy side of life. A carefree destination where fun is a never-ending fact, given the country’s many natural sites and geology. Of course, Greek summer keeps the lead of young people’s choice, when the sun shines its brightest, casting a blaze on the crystal clear sea, water sports activities occupy the beaches, bars and clubs keep them up all night and gastronomy challenges them to a taste marathon.

Camping sites all over the country is an ideal accommodation choice due to their youth-friendly character and low cost. In the Cyclades, the islands of Mykonos, Paros, Ios are a hot summer destination. Astounding sandy or rocky beaches, transparent water and surf, wakeboard, water ski, yachting and diving are just a sample of what these islands have to offer. Not to mention the Greek cuisine, which one can enjoy at a traditional taverna or a fancy restaurant, and then dive into the night having fun until daylight in one of the famous bars and clubs.

For people being in love, the sunset at Santorini is unmistakable – also an ideal island for a honey moon. Kalymnos is one of the best of Europe’s destinations for climbing lovers. In the Dodecanese, Rhodes is also a famous destination, and for the Ionian, Zakynthos and the cosmopolitan Corfu islands.

For the months of May to September, visitors have the chance to attend to any festival or concert of their choice being held throughout Greece, while summer cinemas in Athens, Thessaloniki and greek province add to the night’s activities.

During winter, the youth dashes into the mainland to enjoy the snow in the various ski resorts like Kalavryta, Parnassos, Vassilitsa where every year, thousands of adventure lovers enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. Picturesque mountain settlements and villages like Zayorohoria and Pelio are also famous winter destinations, which thrill visitors with their natural beauty and traditional recipes.

In springtime, when the weather gets milder and nature blossoms, it is time to visit the lakes of Greece, only to be taken aback by their unique environmental beauty. The ones standing out for their beauty are Prespes and Plastira, where one can engage in water ski, sea bicycle, trekking, cycling. For the most courageous ones, there is always the choice of rafting in the best known and beautiful rivers of the country.

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Admiring the sunset

The time of the day when the sun waves goodbye, it’s a time that casts magic on nature. Wonderful colours make up the backdrop against which the celestial traveler leaves its daily scene.

Lakes reflecting beauty

Like stunning mirrors of outstanding natural beauty, lakes in Greece reflect the splendour of the Greek landscape in their waters.

A delicious visit to Athens' museums

Beautiful atriums and courtyards, balconies with breathtaking views and green gardens have been shaped as part of museum premises in Athens promise to offer you relaxing spots before or after your culture-oriented visits.