Night view of a large settlement from the sea with hills that have churches on the tops.
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The Noble Island

Syros Island combines culture, entertainment and religion in the most harmonious way.  It used to be one of the most significant islands in cycladic civilisation. Nowadays, the island is world-renowned for its rich cultural tradition with events that take place in Ermoupolis, the island’s capital, such as the International Classical Music Festival of Cyclades, ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival, Ermoupoleia Cultural Festival etc that offer a range of options for every visitor to experience.

The island has a large number of sea activities, beaches you can enjoy as well as a rich and delicious cuisine. The famous halvadopita (nougat pie), the finger-licking loukoumia - small cubes made of a mixture of sugar, water and starch that are offered in a number of scents and flavours - the cold meats louza and maratholoukanika, as well as the PDO cheese San Michali will tempt the most demanding palate.
Large colored church with a blue dome over colored houses that reach the sea. Small pier in front.

Touring the Island

The coastal town of Ermoupoli (named after God Hermes) besides being the capital of Syros Island, was the first commercial and industrial centre of Greece. It saw unprecedented economic growth during the 19th c. As the city started to get populated and thanks to its ideal geographical position Ermoupoli’s harbour became the most important commercial and shipping centre of the newly established Greek State (by 1850 the income of its custom office was equal to three quarters of the country). During your stay in Ermoupoli don’t miss a visit by the Industrial Museum, housed in three different structures that show the town’s economic growth. This elegant town is home to exceptional neoclassical architecture highly influenced by 19th c. western standards. Houses, public squares and buildings such as the Town Hall, the Customs, the theatre Apollon are what make Ermoupoli an architectural museum to explore.     

Ermoupolis is a hillside town that overlooks the Aegean Sea. Its most prominent landmarks among others are the churches of Metamorfosis Sotiros, Agios Nikolaos Plousios and the Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Kimisis Theotokou), which indicate the Orthodox church's contribution to the town’s architecture. Ano Syros (upper town) is a Venetian 13th c. neighbourhood where a Catholic community resides, whose houses are built around the cathedral of Saint George dominating the top of the hill named Agios Georgios. Today Ano Syros’ (aka Epano Chora) appealing mediaeval atmosphere is viewed in  its whitewashed houses and its narrow serpent alleys and stairs that lead to lovely neighbourhoods. The view from the hilltop is mindblowing and only 2km from Ermoupoli, therefore the walk up is definitely worth the climb.

Azolimnos is a waterside hamlet on the northeast side of the island with a goldest sandy beach, the nearest one to Ermoupolis (5km) and among the most famous of the island.

The renowned village of Galissas is located 9 km W from Ermoupolis on a bay inhabited since ancient times. Walk up to Agia Pakous hill and see the ruins of a small fort and the ancient Acropolis. Drink in the panoramic view of the sea and the village below.

The peaceful village of Kini is famous for the little fish eateries. It is located 9 km west from the island’s capital next to a wonderful sandy beach. The beaches of Loto, Varvarousa, Aeto, Grammata or Delphini are ideal for more off-grid getaways.

Chalandriani is mostly visited for its archaeological sites (cemetery, settlements and other finds), which were unearthed in the end of the 19th c. by archaeologist Christos Tsountas. Don’t miss the site of Kastri, a prehistoric settlement surrounded by walls from the later years of the Early Cycladic period (2300-2200 BC). Stop by the cave where philosopher Pherecydes (also written Ferekydi) used to reside (6th c BC) as well as Syriga springs, from where the view is astounding.

The seaside hamlet of Megas Gialos is on the southernmost side of the island (12 km from Ermoupolis). It has a lovely sandy beach that will please the whole family. At a short distance there is also the beach Ampelas, found in a small sheltered cove. Foinikas is yet another famous waterfront village with a sandy beach.

The most renowned village on Syros is by far Posidonia (aka Delagratsia) located 13 km from Ermoupoli. Don’t miss out on seeing the stately neoclassical houses with their manicured gardens - once vacation homes of the wealthiest families on the island. The name Delagratsia was taken from the catholic church found in the area, Madonna della Grazia, while Posidonia is owed to the ancient town with the same name that stood in the exact same place in the past. On your way towards Ermoupoli, make a point in visiting the traditional hamlet of Parakopi and its beautiful houses.

Located on a hill in the village of Vari, prehistoric ruins of a settlement and tombs from the Roman period have been unearthed. At a short distance you can visit the charming traditional village of Chrousa and sun-drenched beaches.

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Syros is connected to Piraeus and other Aegean ports. The conventional ships make the route ""Piraeus - Syros"" in about 3.5 hours while the high-speed ones in about 2.Syros is also connected with the ports of Thessaloniki,Lavrio and Rafina.
Syros is connected to Athens International Airport, the flight lasts 35 minutes but also to Macedonia International Airport (Thessaloniki), it is also connected to other airports in Greece.

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