View of the port of the village, with a fishing boat in the middle, and many traditional houses all around, as well as a church at the top


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The Seafaring Town

Through the stunning mountainous landscapes of Fokida one reaches a town steeped in tradition and naval history. Galaxidi is one of the most picturesque towns along the south coast of central Greece. Galaxidi's two natural ports, Agora and Chirolakas, once provided a sanctuary for brave mariners from the local tumultuous waters. Today, the town's Maritime and folk art museums stand as guardians of the town's storied past, offering a glimpse into its legacy.

Τhe Famous Naval Town

Take a walk along the cobbled narrow streets lined with Captains’ houses. Colourful facades, marble arches around the gates, yards with flowers and pebbles, and stone built balconies decorated with figureheads make up the beauty of local traditional architecture. The Town Hall, housed in the Tsalaggyras building, the Folk Art Museum, housed in Aggelis building, the Girls’ School, and the Bourzeiko house, are some of the best preserved old buildings. You will find ancient monuments in the town park: the tomb of King Locros and the ruins of the walls of Ancient Oianthi Town. Past the five traditional squares, you will get to the highest point in town and visit the church of Agios Nikolaos with its wood-carved icon screen, its two bell towers and its imposing dome. This church is among the grandest religious monuments in town along with Agia Paraskevi Church, which will impress you with the beautiful sun clock in its yard and the zodiac circle drawn on its floor dating back to 1911.

On the right side of the port, visit the verdant area of Pera Panta and take in the panorama of the little town. If you feel hungry visit the nearby Oianthi beach, which is lined with tavernas where you can taste fresh seafood dishes as well as local specialties, such as ravani (a kind of syrupy cake).

Hold on to the local advice, which is to return for the Carnival celebrations and experience their traditional custom of alevromoutzouromata (pelting one another with coloured flour), on Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday, the first day of Lent, before Easter).

Keep in mind that one of the greatest assets of the little town is its proximity to the unique archaeological site of Delphi.

Filming in Galaxidi

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A military aircraft crashes near a tiny Greek island after jettisoning its nuclear load, and a team of experts is sent to conduct a discreet search for the missing bombs. Their presence, supposedly as representatives of a hotel development company, turns the island into a thriving tourist resort...


From Athens via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki), to Castle and continue to Galaxidi the journey is 2.5 hours. From Thessaloniki via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki) to Thermopylae and continue to Galaxidi, the route lasts about 4.5 hours.

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