Hermoupolis Textile Museum

Way across a narrow alley, hidden in Hermoupolis, lies one of the 68 in total factories that once culminated in the capital city of Cyclades.

It is about the “Zisimatos Bros” textile factory that has remained in the exact same condition like the day that it sealed its doors. An individual case of a preserved evidence of industrial heritage for both Syros and Greece. The place, after years of persistent work, has been restored and now it is offered to visitors for a short journey in time. When crossing the threshold of the old door, one can discover all the unseen aspects of a factory’s operation, the worker’s life as well as learning about the miracle of textile industry that flourished in Hermoupolis and lasted for 140 years. The experiential guided visit starts with a lantern in hands.

The tour guide welcomes the visitors and transfers them mentally in the past through a historical narration based on the 40 different testimonies of people who used to work there. The tour in the working areas activates the senses through the use of audiovisual aids and more: the sound of the old diesel engine in the painting area, the sound of sewing machines stitching, the view of the yarns hanging overbearing the machines waiting them to function again, the smell of the objects that have remained untouched in the march of time.