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Top extreme sports in Greece

Visit Greece and let the adrenalin be your guide as you discover its natural beauty. Whatever the season, you will find beautiful places in the islands as well as in the mainland, that will offer memorable experiences to all of you who seek out adventure and love the rush that goes with it!

Climbing on Kalymnos Island

This small island is located between Kos and Leros islands, and it’s a destination that offers a special rock climbing experience. Kalymnos is well-known for having some of the most spectacular rock formations in the whole world (Grande Grotta cave is a huge limestone amphitheatre); its unusual pockets are a challenge to any climber –whatever their style and level of experience.
There are more than 70 climbing routes on the island and this number makes Kalymnos one of the most popular destinations in the world as the island meets all standards – even the most demanding climber’s!

Mountaineering on Mt. Olympus

For those of you who want to really try their stamina, no challenge is bigger than reaching the mythical abode of the Greek gods, on the top of Mt Olympus. The main climbing routes on Mt Olympus are nine, each with a different grade of difficulty. The most popular one is the Litochoro – Prionia route via Enipeas ravine (E4 trail). A few kilometres before Prionia (at Gortsia location) another route starts towards Mouson tableland (elevation 2,600 m.). This is the starting point for routes that lead to higher peaks on the mountain.

Rafting on Voidomatis River

Voidomatis River rises in Vikos gorge and it is considered as one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. The waters follow an impressive course by century-old planes and under traditional stone bridges, until they flow into Aoos River at the valley of Konitsa.
Aristi bridge lies at the heart of Vikos – Aoos National Park, near Zagorochori village, and it is used as the meeting point for river rafting fans. During the 5km course, rafters will not meet any particular technical difficulties while they navigate through startling green scenery adorned with sources, cascades and stone bridges.

Sailing in the Cyclades

Bask in the Aegean’s blue and white light as you sail through the Cyclades group of islands. The strong north east Mediterranean wind (called meltemi) blows in the area and tests the mariners’ endurance and skills as they experience a fascinating journey to an island paradise. Anchors aweigh; let’s sail to the Aegean Sea archipelago.

Extra tips on places to visit and things to do: The lee harbour of Faros on Sifnos Island; the lunar landscape in Sarakiniko, Milos Island; water sports on Pounta, Paros Island; the nightlife on Mykonos Island; Foinikas, the safe port on Syros Island; Grias pidima beach on Andros Island; relaxed holidays on Antiparos Island; gold sand beaches and lovely colours on Ios Island; the small picturesque harbours on Kimolos Island; Chrysospilia on Folegandros Island.

Diving in Attica

Walls, cavities, underwater caves and ravines, reefs bustling with life, and wrecks offer spectacular images to the visitor.
There are over 40 diving destinations in the Attica region: Limanakia Vouliagmenis; Erotospilia area near Porto Rafti; the two wrecks on Patroklos islet at a short distance from Cape Sounio; Arsida rocky islet; Pothitos, a mid-sea shoal near Anavyssos; Fleves and Flevopoula islets opposite Attica’s west shoreline; and, at the 49th km on the Athinon-Souniou Road, the impressive underwater car cemetery is one of the most popular diving spots.
Salamina Island is also located near Athens. There is an underwater archaeological site in the area where diving is permitted.

Rambling in the Peloponnese

In Arcadia, there is a trail that leads to breathtaking plateaus, deeply shaded canyons, lush green mountainsides, and traditional stone built villages. It’s called the Menalon Trail and it is a 75 km long hiking route which goes through all the historical and cultural sites in the area and is connected with a group of multiple winding secondary trails. It traverses locations of particular natural beauty among which are the Lousios River gorge, the west Menalon mountainous relief, the Mylaontas River valley, and the mountains of Gortyna to the southeast.

Menalon Trail has been assessed according to 41 quantitative, qualitative and technical criteria and received a Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe Certificate. It is now recommended to European hikers by the ERA (European Rambling Association) as a comprehensive, interesting and safe mountain adventure.

Windsurfing in Lefkada

The sea area of Lefkada Island is considered a surfer’s paradise and is a top destination for Greek and foreign surfing athletes. Wind direction and speed gradually shift and rise during the early afternoon hours in Vasiliki beach; the area is a world famous surfing spot, it is included in a top ten list of surfing beaches across the globe and it is one of the three best such beaches in Europe.

Windsurfers can practice in slalom or freestyle surfing in side shore conditions. There are also quite a few windsurfing schools that will make things easy for those who want to try for the first time and specialized shops for renting the necessary equipment.

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