G. Zarzonis

Jeep safari in Grevena

Drive off-road, and get the adrenaline flowing!

In Western Macedonia, approximately 185km from Thessaloniki and 410km from Athens, you can discover one of the most beautiful destinations of Greece. Grevena is located in the lap of the northern part of Pindos, at the bank of the river Grevenitis, at an altitude of 534m.

Here, the visitor may follow one of the many paths through the wildly beautiful nature of mountainous Western Greece. The area is also ideal for those seeking for off road excitements on rocky and hardly accessible paths. If you are addicted to the sound of roaring engines and spinning wheels, visit Grevená and participate in organised jeep tours in mountain trails with 4x4 vehicles.

Amidst the snowy mountain peaks of Mantilitsa, Geróntikos, Straggópetra and Vassilitsa lie majestic landscapes with breathtaking views that will impress even the most demanding traveller.

Starting from Grevená, we follow wild mountain roads through dense black pine-tree forests, and we visit peaceful traditional villages, ideal for a short rest. Going up on Vassilitsa mountain, the rocky scenery offers the most challenging routes. Mud, rocks, snow-covered and woodland paths create the ideal setting for those in love with their 4x4 vehicles. The rugged mountainscape is in contrast with historical monuments: old monasteries, impressive stone bridges, ponds, streams, and small waterfalls.

Follow old paths that villagers and travellers passed throughout the centuries. In these ancient forests wild animals still find a safe refuge. The relics of a prehistoric mammoth were found here inspiring the creation of Vassilitsa snow resort logo! Relax at the resort's chalet, after an exciting drive. If you want to combine 4x4 off-road driving with other mountain adventurous sports, trekking, gliding and climbing are also on offer.

What are you waiting for? Take your vehicle with all the necessary tools for off road driving (road book, shovel, ropes, towing straps, cricket, snow chains, searchlight), and hit the road!

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