Monasteries in Chania

The Prefecture of Chania comprises many renowned monasteries. The most remarkable ones are the following:

The Agia Triada Tzagarolon Monastery is built at the feet of Tzobomylos peak. It was built during the 17th century by two monk brothers, Ieremias and Lavrentios Tzagarolos, descendants of a Venetian family. During the revolution which took place in 1866 the monastery was abandoned and was used again in 1877 to house the revolutionaries' meetings.

Walking through a long cypress tree rows you will arrive at the central gate, where two columns of Ionic and Corinthian order welcome the pilgrims. A little further towers the magnificent bell tower, built in 1864. The main church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity (Aghia Triada) and the chapels to Zoodochos Pigi (Live-giving font of Virgin Mary) and Aghios Ioannis Theologos. The museum of the monastery exhibits works dating back to the post-Byzantine period and manuscripts dating back to the 19th century or even older.

The Gouvernetou Monastery, designated as a preserved monument in 1900 by decision of the Holy Synod, is located just four kilometers away from the Tzagarolon Monastery. This Stavropegic monastery (stavro-cross in Greek, the iron cross was being installed in the foundation before building) is built on the extremity of Melechas cape. To visit the monastery, you should head north from the Tzagarolon Monastery following the narrow road passing through lush green and verdant landscape, where you can find several types of trees, such as olive trees, locust trees, bushes, wild herbs, etc. The church dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels ("Kyria ton Angelon") and located in the center of the courtyard is dome-covered and its facade was made by artists.

The abandoned Monastery of Agios Ioannis or Katholikou Monastery is located just a thirty-minute walk away from this church. It is probably the most ancient monastery of Crete (dating back to the 6th- 7th centuries). You can visit this monastery looking as if it had climbed up the gorge wall by crossing the Avlaki gorge, which will enchant you thanks to its wild and magnificent natural beauty. Aghios Ioannis the Hermite lead his ascetic life here.