Pineios river

Pineios is the biggest river in Thessaly with a total length of more than 200 kilometres. It rises in the beautiful Pindos Range, crosses the Plain of Thessaly and the Valley of Tempi, it forms impressive meanders and flows into the Aegean Sea. It ranks high among the most important wetlands in Greece as there are riverside forests, rich fauna and extensive dunes in the river’s Delta. It is part of the NATURA network and it has been rated as a ‘Landscape of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.


Homer refers to the river as “argyrodinis”, meaning “the river with the silver swirls”, in an attempt to describe its winding beauty. According to Myth, the river was formed by the tears shed by Mts. Pindos and Ligkos as they mourned their lost love; it was the place chosen by the Nymphs as their abode.

What to do

Pineios is great for canoeing and kayaking, especially if you’re a beginner or have small kids, as water flow is calm along most of the way. On Strintzos Beach you can try your skills in archery, have a picnic or go for a swim depending on water temperature.

If you love bird watching, do visit the river’s Delta any time of the year, as it is a major stopover site for migratory birds and more than 200 visiting species have been recorded.

For those of you who seek adventure, take a trip to Vernezi, a place in the Tempi area, the location is ideal for rafting, as the waters are rapid. If you prefer canyoning or rappelling, Calypso gorge on Mt. Kissavos is the best choice as you can follow an adventurous route through a landscape of unique natural beauty with crystal clear lake waters, lush vegetation and waterfalls with a drop of 70 m.!

Where to go:

Do visit the Springs of Daphne and Aphrodite in the Valley of Tempi; Dryas Environmental Center located in the old Tempi Railway Station; Omolios archaeological site; Neromiloi Roman Bath house, the famous monasteries on Mt. Kellion and Agios Dimitrios Monastery in Stomio village.