Tymfi Dragon Lake

The Lake is located on a 2,050 m. elevation on Tymfi massif, between Aoos River and its tributary Voidomatis, in the reserve area of the North Pindus Range NW of Gamila crest (2,497 m.) which is Tymfi’s highest peak. Its shape is elliptic, with a perimeter of approximately 5,000 m. and lies next to the precipice facing Aoos River. The surrounding landscape is naked and very impressive in its rare beauty offering a panoramic view of the mountain peaks.


Once upon a time there were two dragons that used to live in Mt. Tymfi Dragon Lake and in Mt. Smolikas Dragon Lake. These two had an enmity between them and each time they got angry, they threw stones at each other. According to locals, this explains why the lakeshore of Mt. Smolikas Dragon Lake is white-coloured with scattered black stones, whereas the lakeshore of Mt. Tymfi Dragon Lake is black-coloured with scattered white stones!

If you prefer hiking, Mikro [Small] Papigo (one of Zagori's villages) is a good place to start. There is a path leading to the lake and you will reach it after a 4-hour hike. From the mountain shelter on Astrakas pass there is an alternative one-hour hiking route that also leads to the lake.

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