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P. Laskarakis

Flenga Dragon Lakes

On Mt Mavrovouni’s subalpine zone (between Kalampaka and Ioannina towns) on a 1,960 m. and a 1,940 m. elevation you will see two very beautiful natural mountain lakes, called the Flenga twin Dragon Lakes.

Spring waters form the lake on the higher level which then feeds the one on the lower level and the latter’s overflowing waters run a course towards Arkoudorema valley in the Pindus National Park. In the winter the lakes become frozen and usually remain in this condition until spring. Once you’re in the lake area, you will feast your eyes on the amazing view of the entire Valia Calda valley.

The Myth behind the Flenga twin Dragon Lakes

Once upon a time, there was Makedonas, son of Zeus or Aiolos, who had three sons, and one them was Pindus. There came a time when his brothers envied Pindus and decided to kill him. He found out in time and fled up in the mountains. He lived off the land by hunting and had the dragon Lygos as his friend.

At some time, his brothers found out where he lived, ambushed him and killed him in the dragon’s absence. When the dragon returned, he looked for his friend and found him dead. The beast’s tears formed small lakes, the Dragon Lakes, and the area’s mountains where named Pindus in his memory.

How to get there:

There are 3 tracks which lead up to the lakes. The first one starts from Arkoudorema at the confluence with Mnimata torrent, the second one starts from Salatoura torrent and the third from Salatoura Milias pass and follows Mavrovrouni’s mountain ridge. You will need 3-4 hours to climb it. You can also start off from the mountain shelter of Metsovo Municipality, follow Mt. Mavrovouni ridge and you will reach the lakes in approx. 1.5 to 2 hours.

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