The Beaches of Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest in Greece. It looks like a place taken straight out of a medieval fairy tale with castles, knights, stories of Grand Masters and beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture buildings.  Apart from the allure of its historical heritage, it is also a place of enticing natural beauty, with a coastline stretching 253 kilometers, where visitors can choose from a plethora of enchanting beaches.

Tranquil Beaches

Located near the small fishing village of Haraki, 38km southeast of the city of Rhodes, Agathi is a beautiful, quiet, sandy beach that is not particularly known to the general public. Beachgoers will find everything they need here and more. Equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and several taverns within shouting distance, Agathi is an ideal destination for families with young children, while it is also well-sheltered from the wind.

Unlike other, pulsating, beaches on the island, Glystra located in the eastern part of Rhodes, close to villages of Kiotari and Lardo, is hidden among the trees offering peace and calm.
Popular among tourists who appreciate privacy, Glystra is the perfect place to relax on a sun lounger rented from the nearby restaurant. It goes without saying that beach goers can bring their own equipment and set it up wherever they like.

Famous beaches

Anthony Quinn
The beach that won the heart of movie star actor Anthony Quinn rightfully deserves his name. He was linked to the small picturesque cove beach after several scenes of the well-known movie "The Guns of Navarone'' which he starred in were filmed there. In the years that followed the beach became an attraction for many tourists and famous visitors. With its enchanting emerald waters and the surrounding tall pines it is reminiscent of a vintage postcard.

For surfing lovers


Prasonisi, on the southern tip of Rhodes, is probably the most impressive beach on the whole island. This is because it is actually an islet, which is connected to the mainland by two coves covered with soft sand. Its sublime natural beauty and the strong winds that blow here have made it a meeting point of windsurfers. As it is a busy place, there are many restaurants, hotels, cafes, canteens and mini markets, set against a colorful party-like backdrop created by the lively windsurfer sails bobbing on the water.


Known from its namesake settlement that is famous for its idyllic sunset, Ixia is a seemingly endless, crystal clear beach, especially-loved by windsurfing enthusiasts, as well as divers due its beautiful and extremely rich seabed.  It offers many options such as beach bars, sunbeds and places to rent the essentials for water sports. However, things are very quiet at the other end of the beach, where families gather in a much more relaxed and calm environment.

For history buffs


Lindos is definitely among the island’s most characteristic and traditional villages. From the moment visitors set foot in this picturesque village they feel they are entering another space-time, captivated by its intense aromas, colors and delicious local products. Its allure is heightened by the deep blue, magical bay that spreads out right beneath it.
A swim under the ancient temple of Lindia Athena on the Acropolis of Lindos suspended high above, imbues the experience with a sense of the history pervading the area. Lindos is the first place where Maritime Law was written thanks to the settlement’s great naval power in antiquity.

Wild landscapes

Leaving the settlement of Monolithos in the direction of Rhodes, and immediately after the village of Sianna, there are signs leading to the remote Glyfada beach. This is an idyllic place to discover the beauty of the natural landscape and relax right where the green of the trees joins the blue of the sea. It serves as a refuge from the crowds and resembles a desert island. Glyfada is popular mainly among adventurous tourists who are not put off by the rocks that make it difficult to reach its crystal clear waters.

Popular beaches

Tsambika Beach
Tsambika is one of the most famous beaches in Rhodes, situated below the old Monastery of Panagia Tsambika perched high above on an imposing steep hill. The bustling beach attracts all types of crowds from students to families with children running carefree in the fine golden sand.  It has many restaurants and there is also a well-equipped mini market close by. A dip in what are among the island’s most renowned crystal clear green waters is not to be missed when visiting Rhodes. Many visitors who go for a swim here combine it with a walk and a visit to the monastery which dates back to the 18th century.

Located 8 km south of Rhodes, Kallithea draws a crowd each and every hot summer day and offers a rich variety of amenities such as water sports. Kallithea, which became very famous due to its reference in an old Greek film, “To Doloma”, starring popular Greek film actress Aliki Vougiouklaki, offers many options for fun and food.

Sports beaches

This is a vast stretch of beach and a favorite among locals and visitors alike. In recent years, it has evolved into a popular seaside paradise and a meeting point for beach volley, soccer, and racquet playing enthusiasts.

Instagram Beaches

This cosmopolitan beach in the city of Rhodes is famous, photogenic and, therefore, much photographed. It has served as the backdrop for many well-known Greek films of the 60s. It is a huge beach starting from the cafe of the same name and reaching the city Aquarium. It attracts thousands of people to the steps of the tall, imposing diving platform which, for decades, has served as its trademark.

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