The Beaches of Tilos

Mountainous Tilos with its rocky steep shores and stunning scenery is the ideal destination for carefree relaxing holidays off the beaten track. It also provides travellers with the option of taking one-day trips to explore the beautiful nearby islands of Nisyros, Chalki and Symi. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, Tilos is also known for the lively festivals (panigyria) that take place throughout the summer, with the most popular being that of Agios Panteleimonas on July 26 and 27.  The island’s chilled out ambience is best appreciated on its beaches, some of which are accessible by car and others can be reached by boat.

The beaches that can be reached on foot or by car are Agios Antonios, Eristos, Plaka, Lethra, Livadia and Vlychada.

Agios Antonios
The pebble beach of the small fishing village of Agios Antonios is among the quietest ones on the island. This tranquil place of just 39 residents is located on the northern side of the island and is known for its pretty palm and tamarisk trees that provide shade under the scorching midday and early afternoon sun. The small port in the bay is lined with several charming tavernas and rooms for rent which look out to the dozens of moored fishing boats. The area is also the site of an ancient graveyard with petrified human skeletons, which are visible only under the water. To get to Agios Antonios you must follow a bumpy dirt road which will take you to the pebble beach.

Eristos is the island’s largest and most popular beach with emerald waters. Lie on your pallet under the shade of the tamarisk trees and enjoy your stay. There is a small hotel nearby and a charming little taverna serving fresh traditional food. Eristos is around a 15-minute drive from Megalo Chorio.

The narrow pebbly beach of Plaka is like no other on the island, as there are beautiful peacocks strolling about freely under the tall eucalyptus trees and displaying their train to welcome visitors. Plaka is 4 km west of Agios Antonios and can be reached by car or on foot.

The remote white pebble beach of Lethra on the eastern coast of Tilos is the perfect place for those in search of solitude. It takes a 40 minute trek to get there over a path that starts from Livadia. Alternatively, it can be reached by boat. If you get hungry, there is a taverna near the beach, serving tasty traditional dishes.

Located right next to the main harbour of Tilos, the pebbly beach of Livadia is one of the largest on the island and boasts crystal clear waters. With tamarisk trees offering ample shade, it is ideal for families with children as the water is shallow and warm. What’s more, there are several restaurants, cafeterias, traditional stores and a mini market. A part of the beach is laid with sunbeds for those who wish to use them. Those looking for some extra peace and quiet can head to parts of the beach which are sunbed-free.

Vlychada is a tranquil pretty beach off the beaten track near Livadia. To get there on foot, visitors must traverse a difficult high altitude path with a steep descent, to reach the beach. You can also get there by boat and enjoy the area’s amazing waters.
The beaches that are boat-accessible only are Skafi, Agios Sergios and Tholos.

Skafi is a large remote sand and pebble beach on the northern tip of Tilos that can only be accessed by boat from Livadia. As there is no tree shade there, it is best that you carry an umbrella with you and any other gear you think necessary for your trip.
Agios Sergios
The picturesque pebble beach of Agios Sergios is nestled in a sheltered quiet bay surrounded by mountains. It is a secluded spot washed by the blue waters of the Aegean with a few tamarisk trees offering their precious shade.

It’s a small and peaceful beach, west of Agios Sergios. You will be impressed by the imposing grey and red rocks rising at the end of it. It is the perfect getaway spot, so make sure you carry along all the necessary gear, such as water, food and sunshade.