P. Merakos

The Beaches of Ikaria

Known worldwide for the longevity of its inhabitants, its relaxed vibes and celebrated festivals, magical Ikaria is an island in the heart of the Aegean of unrefined beauty, mystery-clad mountains and unparalleled beaches. It is also linked to Greek mythology and the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun.

Seychelles beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Aegean Sea. This delightful beach will cast its spell on you with the emerald waters, hidden caves, white sand and pebbles, and the large granite rocks that shelters it from the strong winds. The small wild-looking cove is reached after a 10- minute hike or by boat. Seychelles beach was caused by a landslide that took place after working on the opening of a tunnel in 1985.

The popular Mesakti beach is renowned for its golden sand and child-friendly shallow waters, but also for surf-aficionados when strong winds bring in the perfect waves. It offers several amenities such as beach bars, sunbeds and restaurants. It also has a great view of the small picturesque chapel of Analipsis (Ascension) at the port of Gialiskari.

Nas is a remote beach on the northwest coast of Ikaria with a small stretch of sand and pebbles where the ancient port of Ikaria once was. It has deep waters and currents that swimmers should be aware of. The wild yet beautiful scenery of the Halaris river flowing into the sea, the green landscape and a waterfall, as well as the ruins of the temple of Artemis Tavropoulos make a wonderful backdrop for its visitors. It is also well worth staying here to watch the sunset.

Armenistis beach is a small cove covered in golden sand on the northern side of the island. It offers plenty of amenities, including umbrellas and canoes for rent. It is located below the popular Armenistis village and is accessed by car or bus.

The sandy Kampos beach is in the center of the  northern part of the island, which is exposed to strong winds that whip up the waves. However, the shallow waters allow both young and old to have fun in the waves, always with precaution. It is one of Ikaria’s largest beaches making the few wicker umbrellas there seem even fewer.

Iero is a secluded wind-sheltered beach on the northeastern part of the island near the airport. Not particularly renowned to travellers, it is a closed bay with a rich marine life. Diving enthusiasts can visit the underwater cave, but also the shipwreck located west of the coast. As this is not a beach offering amenities you should think ahead and bring necessary supplies besides your towel, sunscreen and bathing wear.

A stone’s throw away from the airport, the sand and pebble beach of Faros is the largest on the island’s southern side. With tamarisk trees lining the coastline providing ample natural shade, Faros is the ideal choice for visitors spending their first day on the island. It is easily accessible and offers a wide variety of options including rooms to let, restaurants/cafes, watersports, as well as great views of Samos, Fourni and Thymaina Islands as well as of Dragano Tower, formerly used as a lighthouse (Faros in Greek), hence the beach’s name.

Livadi is a large sandy beach with turquoise waters near Armenistis. It is equipped with all the necessary amenities and is easily accessed by car, making it a popular choice for families with children. Visitors and locals alike are attracted to this picture-perfect place by the water sports options, the lush surroundings, the small natural lake and the great views of nearby Fourni island.