© G. Kalaitzian

Rafting down Voidomatis River

A paradise river

Voidomatis River rises in Vikos gorge and follows an impressive waterway wreathed with age-long plane trees that border its bed and traditional stone bridges over the waters. Voidomatis River joins its crystal clear waters with those of Aoos River, in Konitsa’s plain.

Aristi bridge is the meeting and departure point for rafting and kayak fans, near Aristi village – one of Zagorochoria (a group of traditional villages) right in the heart of the Vikos-Aoos National Park.The 5 km route presents no particular difficulties and requires no special technical skills. You will enjoy the lovely greenery, the springs, the small cascades of water and the stone bridges.

A surprise awaits you midway: the deserted 16th century Agioi Anargyroi monastery. The location boasts perpendicular precipices and caves that had been used as monk retreats once; the lot is guaranteed to take your breath away! The body and soul will gain new strength before embarking on the final stage of the trip, as you row under Kato Kleidonia – a single arch bridge and a proper gem along the riverway. A refreshing dive in the freezing waters is an option for the brave; one that will bring this experience to a memorable end.

You will hear the final directions from the boatman who will skilfully guide the boat past the artificial waterfall. One thing is certain; by the time you reach the end you'll wish you could start all over again!

How to get there

To live your rafting experience on Voidomatis River, you will reach Epirus region first. Your base can very well be Ioannina, Konitsa or picturesque Zagori’s stone-built villages, known as Zagorochoria, where you will find beautiful hotels, guest houses and mansions. Visit the official ZEN - Zagori Excellence Network website to discover all these tiny secrets the area can offer and plan your own trip to Zagori.