Trekking in Valia Calda

Valia Calda means "warm valley". Let's hike this trail, and explore it!

Set out on a fascinating journey to Valia Calda National Park, one of the most attractive trekking destinations in Europe! Admire the high, impressive mountain ranges, the forested slopes and the stunning natural landscape unfolding before your eyes. Meet the challenge to explore the mysteries of nature, and let your adrenaline rush. Hit amazing trails in a truly unspoiled paradise that will definitely heighten your senses.

Start your trekking adventure from Ziákas, a village that lies 23km west of Grevená. Note that in order to reach the trekking path, you need first an off-road vehicle. Leave Ziákas, and follow the path to the Exarchos spring. There you will see straight ahead the Avyó peak, on the eastern flanks of which you will spot a beautiful lake.

You pass through Perivóli, one of the most attractive villages of Grevená, and soon the road turns left towards Valia Calda. Don’t forget to make a stop-over at the “Stavrós” location (meaning crossroads) to take in a panoramic view over the valley. Upon reaching a natural spring (where usually the shepherds bring their flocks to drink water), you will realise that at this point the dirt road ends.

Leave the four-wheeler, and follow the trail leading to the European path E6. Cross a small wooden bridge; after taking a 10-minute walk, leave the trail E6 behind you and head for the Flégkas lakes. Hit the trail going uphill through old beech trees, and admire a lush green meadow on your right. On your left, you will spot the two mountain Flégkas lakes.

After passing the lakes, the trail continues uphill to the peak, where the artificial Aóos Lake lies amidst a spectacular mountain scenery.

The best way to go back is by walking down the ridge. The alternative route by the lakes leads through very steep slopes that require technical climbing.

Visitors are likely to spot in the highlands of Valia Calda brown bears ambling down to Arkoudórema (meaning Bear Creek) to drink water. The Valia Calda reserve is a unique ecosystem, and a safe refuge to several mammals (wolf, fox, wild hog and mountain antelope), rare bird species (the golden eagle and the black stork) as well as reptiles.