Nymphs of Light

How did you engage in the idea of creating this video to begin with? Would you elaborate on what the message is?  

Light and energy are two basic components. Light and its simplicity was part of our inspiration for this video but the other part is the fact that light is the element that clearly shows the energy of an indoor or outdoor space, in this case a landscape.

We needed to give a message to the world. That the peacefulness of a pure natural landscape brings great energy that humans should be able to witness and respect. Our ultimate goal was to visualize this peculiar energy of Sarakiniko.

Part of this “vision” we had about Sarakiniko, is what gave us the title of this video, nymphs. Nymphs were creatures of ancient Greek mythology, creatures that were part of nature itself. When we saw Sarakiniko we envisioned that this natural lunar landscape has its own nymphs, Nymphs of Light.

Take a look at the video itself:

Nymphs of Light - VK Leading Light.mp4 from VK Leading Light on Vimeo.

What was the reason that attracted you to the island of Milos and specifically what inspired you to capture the beauty of Sarakiniko beach?     

The naked lunar landscape of Sarakiniko is challenging by itself. If you add the contrast of black and white and the history of the island where the Saracen pirates (the origin of Sarakiniko’s name) used this beach as base and shelter...you need nothing more!

A white and unusual landscape that we usually witness during daylight was a challenge we created ourselves. We wanted to organize a night shooting for the very first time while installing artificial light in order to capture the deeper beauty, essence and energy of Sarakiniko. 

Are you planning on creating another video?

Yes of course we are planning something equivalent in a totally different landscape though. We already have spotted a location that actually is not as accessible as Sarakiniko, but it surely has its own beauty and different dynamics.

How long did the shooting take?  

The shooting lasted for 3 days. We were approaching the beach of Sarakiniko almost in the middle of the day in order to do all the setups and rehearsals. Just prior to the sunset we started shooting to have the result you see today.

Did you feel like you were on the moon when filming on this beach? (People often compare Sarakiniko's landscape to the moon's)  

One of the reasons we have chosen Sarakiniko for this project is the fact that the landscape itself is lunar. If you witness the sunset at Sarakiniko, while the light is going away, the image reminds you more and more of the moon. All the crew had this kind of feeling while we were shooting. Automatically you get transferred to another place, away from anything ordinary, something truly magical that the crew enjoyed. The only hero is Sarakiniko itself, we are just a silent audience.