Climatic Data

Climatic Data

Source: National Observatory of Athens /meteo.gr

Τhe fir-covered gem of Mainalo Mountain

Vytina, is the renowned village of mountainous Arcadia, an ideal base for your winter excursions around the area. This hospitable village will heal your body and soul; it is literally covered by trees, has a traditional architectural character and is endowed with a rare climate.


Reach Ostrakina’s Ski Resort at only 12km distance and enjoy your favourite winter sport.

Gaze upon the stunning fir forests that stretch up nearly touching the sky and fill your day with various activities like hiking, mountain biking or driving a 4x4 vehicle in the numerous trails.

Begin your journey from the village’s main square where the imposing church of Agios Tryfonas stands, built with the black marble found in the area. Don’t miss the Library, where valuable historical records are kept, the Folk Museum and the famous Greek School founded in 1782. Finally take a romantic stroll down the tree lined tunnel-like road also known as the “Path of Love”.
From Athens via Olympia Road, to Corinth-Tripoli Road, the journey is 2.5 hours. From Thessaloniki via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki) continue to Olympia Road to Vytina, the journey takes 7.5 hours.

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