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Climatic Data

Climatic Data

Source: National Observatory of Athens /meteo.gr

The beauty of mountainous Greece

Visitors to the Kozani area are lured by its impressive variety of landscapes, including alpine valleys, steep slopes and ravines, high mountains with dense vegetation, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Though mostly unknown to travellers, Kozani is an ideal place for road tours leading to beautiful discoveries and aesthetic thrills.

There may be no sea in the area, but this does not mean that more active travellers will be left with little to do. For instance, Kozani has the largest network of marked trails in Greece, extending for 185 kilometres. The trails, varying in degree of difficulty, connect villages and end at mountain peaks or valleys. Moreover, Kozani also offers mushroom picking excursions, wildlife watching at the Deer Park and motocross tracks

Customs & Traditions


This festival lasts a total of 12 days, from Tsiknopempti (the last Thursday before Lent) to Clean Monday.


An event where locals and tourists alike light up bonfires (fanoi) on carnival Sunday.


A series of cultural events, from mid-June to the end of September.


A tradition observed between the 12 day period from Christmas to Epiphany Day.


A unique event where colourful balloons are released in the sky


It takes place in August at Velventos Village.

The lighting up of the fanoi (bonfires) on carnival Sunday, at the crossroads with dancing, teasing and songs, most with a liberal use of sexual inunedo and content.

Explore Kozani

The old networks of paths which in the past facilitated communication between the villages are now an attraction for travellers. The landscape is to a large extent shaped by two man-made lakes, Vythos and Polyfytos, which are important wetlands, ideal for bird watching and fishing, and a good reason to visit the area. The village of Neraida was built after the creation of the lake and is where a 1,372-metre bridge ends. This is where you’ll find a beach by the lakeshore. Lakeside cafes and tavernas with their backs to the street provide unobstructed views of the lake and bridge, and serve as a meeting point of locals and visitors all year round. 

The location of Kozani, at a key junction of land routes connecting the east with central and western Europe, has been one of the most important factors behind the region’s economic and cultural development. Both Kozani and Siatista towns are famous for their mansions of Macedonian architecture, built between the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of them have been renovated and are open to the public, boasting splendid wall paintings, wood-carved items and impressive ceilings. In Kozani town itself, the old quarters stretch around its landmark seven-storey Agios Nikolaos clock tower, which is where the commercial hub of the town is located.

All-day cafes, bars, tavernas and restaurants line the main streets, creating a pleasant vibe. For those interested, Kozani town also offers theatrical performances staged by the regional municipal theatre, cinemas and a vast array of entertainment options from the morning until late at night. For its part, Siatista has kept alive the residential character it had in its heyday due to its small population, and offers visitors a journey back in time. A visit to Velventos is not to be missed, not only because of its many traditional houses in the old town, but also for the fine food of its tavernas, as well as the exceptional fruits and syrupy sweets.

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