View of Limni town, with the picturesque port and the traditional houses


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Limni Evias is a small coastal town, beautiful all year long. Its architecture and town planning remind us of an island settlement. Limni Evias is located 80 km NW of Chalkida.
Tiny seaside town with a pebbled beach and greenish blue sea waters


  •  The church of Genisis tis Theotokou (Virgin Mary’s Heavenly Birth) in the entrance of the town. It is a three-aisled basilica built in 1837 with a remarkable marble belfry built in 1879 by Mastroloukas, a sculptor from Tinos island.
  •  The church of Zoodoxos Pigi (Life giving font of Virgin Mary) and the ruins of a basilica dating back to the Early Christian period and built on Roman spas.
  •  The Historical Archive (including documents from 1732) housed in the Town Hall.
  •  The buildings of the Police Station and Public Financial Service, designed by Chiler.
  •  The manor house of Angelis Flokos housing the Folklore and History Museum, where among other things local archaeological findings are also exposed.
  •  The hermitage of Aghios Christodoulos (12th century) at the west end of the settlement near the beach.
  •  The historic female monastery of Aghios Nikolaos (7th - 8th century), commonly known as Moni Galataki, located 10 km SE. It is known as the Galataki Monastery. On the SE side is the ascetic shelter of Aghios Andreas. It is a small single-room arched building, built in a natural cave.
  •  The Museum of Hydrobiology, on the road to the Monastery, including fossilized exhibits coming from the seabed, shells and fish from Greek and foreign seas.


  • “Elymnia”: cultural events organized in Limni and the surrounding villages from mid-July until August 15th.
  •  Festivities and treasure hunting during the Carnival
  •  Fair of Panaghia Limnia on September 7th - 8th.

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