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Your Summer indulgence on the Cyclades islands

The island complex of the Cyclades consist of beautiful and worldwide renown islands lying in the blue of the Aegean Sea. A number of these islands besides their lacy coastline and their magnificent landscapes exude a unique aura which is highlighted by the upbeat nightlife. If you are among the very young at heart then let your mood guide you to a carefree destination as we have gathered some top notch party islands just for you.

Rock till you drop on Ios Island

During the ΄70s Ios Island joined the ‘map’ of destinations offering youthful and alternative social activities. The island was literally ‘invaded’ in the pursue of wild nightlife. The island’s capital, Chora, as well as the beaches, were packed with young people full of energy and adventurous mood, ready to party non stop. Nowadays, Ios is still considered as a night-fun island, where positive energy and carefree disposition are at abundance. If you are in search for all of the above, then Ios is your ideal destination.

The party begins early in the afternoon, in and around numerous beach bars across the island’s coastline. Enjoy refreshing dives while listening to loud music on the endless golden sand of the beaches Mylopota, Magganari and Agia Theodoti. These beaches happen to be the most famous ones on the island; ideal to enjoy a swim while listening to music, drink your cocktails with friends and simply have lot’s of fun. Chora leads the way when the night falls with loud music spreading throughout the narrow alleys from the bars and the clubs which are literally packed. The heart of the party resides in the main square of the capital where one can find the most famous clubs on the island. As the night goes by, fun keeps on rising and you are likely to find yourself partying even past sunrise.

Exclusive and Glamorous Mykonos

Known as the ‘island of the winds’, Mykonos is considered to be the utmost clubbing destination at a worldwide level. This is the reason why celebrities from Greece and all over the world meet on the island every summer. Luxurious yachts and top end hotels host the elite of the international jet set giving the island a unique radiance. The beautiful beaches during the day and the white cobblestone alleys during the night are transformed into an outdoor catwalk with people parading with a sole purpose: pleasure! A usual sight for the island are the dozens of paparazzi, competing each other to get a “hot” pose or an amusing incident…

The party starts in the various famous beach bars of the island. Loud music, strong drinks and everyone dancing to the beat of the music played by world renowned DJ’s. By sunset the bars in the area of Alefkandra and Little Venice become the meeting point. Hundreds of “romantic” clubbers flock across the narrow lane, in order to drink in the sunset view by the sounds of lounge music. A small pause takes place in order to fill the batteries up for a wild night ahead. Mykonos has a great variety of places in order to enjoy your nights, that covers all kinds of tastes and preferences. Special happenings and shows are common here. There is no specific dress code so don’t be surprised if you see eccentric appearances.

Paros; A Fun New Hotspot

When it comes to nightlife fun Mykonos’ alter ego is Paros. Fun in Paros seems to be never ending. Fun starts on the beaches of Punta and Santa Maria where water activities are practiced, such as surfing. Then again if you aren’t much of an athlete or simply in a mood of dancing, the beach bars always play rhythmical music and entertain the crowds.

Paros’ nightlife beats in Paroikia and at the picturesque port of Naousa. On the coastal walkway in Paroikia you’ll find bars playing ambient music offering a chill out atmosphere, while the vast majority of the clubs are located in the area known as ‘potami’ (meaning river) where loud music and dancing promise to keep your spirits high. The party doesn’t stop here... it goes on in the narrow alleys and in the small port of Naousa where it tends to be crowded every summer night. Alternatively, can find some lovely bars playing soul, jazz and rock music by the sea in the areas of Piso Livadi to Dryos.

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