Lighthouses in Greece

Lighthouses around Greece stand majestically at the edges of cliffs by the coast, exuding a mystical aura while safely guiding the ships and sailors to their final port destination. Located in an isolated area (or not) they rise in beauty resembling towers seen in fairy tales. Although it was hard to choose the loveliest 10 lighthouses in Greece, the Visit Greece team took up the task. Take a look at our suggestions.


For more than five centuries the renown lighthouse stands tall in Chania’s Port. It was built in the Middle Ages when Venetians ruled the Island and by the 19th century the Egyptians transformed it into a minaret shape with an interior staircase and a glass tower which is still preserved till this day.


On Kefalonia Island you can visit the marvelous lighthouse of St. Theodore located in Lassi area, near Argostoli. It was built by the English in 1828 when the island was under British administration. The 1953 earthquake destroyed the lighthouse but was rebuilt in the exact same way, based on original architectural designs.


Tourlitis Lighthouse is a sight you shouldn’t miss when on Andros Island. It was built in 1887 on a rock, in the sea and exudes a breathtaking charm.


Enjoy the view to the emblematic Tainaro Lighthouse, at Cape Tainaro in Lakoniki Mani, also known to sailors as Cape Matapas. It was built in 1882 by the French and marks the southernmost point of mainland Greece. Legends and traditional ways here can be traced back to deep antiquity.


Alexandroupolis’ lighthouse dominates the town which once facilitated seamen to and from Hellespont. It first operated on June, 1st 1880 and today is the town’s landmark.


The Akra Melagkavi Lighthouse, near Loutraki, reveals the area’s mystic charm. Also referred to as Faros Herraion (named after the nearby Temple of Hera), it stands at the north entrance of the Corinthian Bay and was first lit in 1897.

Ag. Sostis

Agios Sostis, a small island located in the western part of the lagoon of Messolonghi, is home to a lighthouse built in 1859 blending harmoniously with the landscape. This is also where you can see the lighthouse’s abandoned keeper’s cottage, the remains of an old office and the church of Agios Sostis.


Kranai Island located in Gytheio’s port used to be the love nest of Paris and Helen according to Mythology. When you reach the area, don’t forget to take a picture of the oldest stone-built lighthouse dating back to 1873.


You'll enjoy the view of the lighthouse from the old fortress in Nafpaktos' port. Proudly standing there since 1909, the lighthouse has witnessed historic naval battles and fights.


The lighthouse at Cape Plaka is located at the northeasternmost tip of Limnos Island, near Plaka village. It was built in 1908 and is considered one of the tallest lighthouses as the stone tower reaches 25 meters.

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