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Laid Back Islands

Each Greek Island has a special atmosphere. Depending on your heart’s desire you can find cosmopolitan or low-key islands; islands known as water & extreme sports destinations; islands preferred by art lovers; islands famous for their intense night life; and islands suitable for a quiet relaxing holiday without the crowds.
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and visit a lesser-known Greek island; enjoy the serenity of nature, the blue sea and the bright Greek sunlight in a laid-back holiday style.

Ikaria Island

Take your time here!
This place boasts a rich prehistory and history. According to an ancient Greek myth, the island was named after Icarus, an ambitious young man who had wings fitted on his back and flew over the Aegean Sea. He was so excited by the flight, that he forgot his father’s advice who warned him not to fly close to the sun. When he approached the sun, his wings melted, he fell and drowned in the sea just off the coast of the island that took his name!
Discover the island’s sand-fringed beaches and climb its green mountains; you will find beautiful oak, plane, cypress and pine forests. Visit the local hot springs; their waters contain healing radioactive elements and chemical substances. Learn about the locals’ special way of life, on “the Island where people forget to die”. Enjoy yourselves in the island festivals and dance all night long!

Kythnos Island

Peaceful and beautiful
Despite its proximity to Attica’s coast, Kythnos is one of the lesser-known islands in the Cyclades Group. The southern part is practically uninhabited, and in the north you will find Merichas (where the island harbour is located), Chora or Mesaria (the island capital), Loutra and Dryopida. Stroll in the picturesque villages with the narrow cobbled streets, the white-washed houses, squares, churches and windmills. The island wears the standard blue and white colours of the Cyclades, its countryside is dotted with bald hills, dry-stone walls that stretch for kilometres ahead and snow white little churches.

Alonnisos Island

The place to unwind
Alonnisos is the third biggest green island in the Sporades Group. Renew your connection with Mother Nature here: go hiking through pine forests, olive groves and orchards; climb on Mt. Kalovoulos, Mt. Megalo Chorafi and Mt. Kouvouli – the highest on the island. Drink in the lovely view of the coastline and the small islands dotting the sea below; swim and sunbathe in beautiful coloured pebble, white and yellow sand beaches with crystal-clear blue waters. Make sure you follow the guided boat tour offered in the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades (a 2,200 sq.km. area); it is a refuge for rare birds, dolphins and monachus monachus, the Mediterranean monk seal.

Ithaca Island

The homeland of king Odysseus
Ithaca is the legendary homeland of king Ulysses, as described in Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey. Explore this quiet pine-covered island, its traditional villages, and the pristine pebbly beaches washed by turquoise waters; visit archaeological collections where you’ll find exhibits dating as far back as 3000 BC. Choose any of the 8 hiking trails and enjoy rambling in the countryside dotted with whitewashed little churches. Discover caves, sheltered coves and weather-beaten promontories.
The Ionian Sea Islands are all famous sailing & yachting destinations. Tour Ithaca by boat and find otherwise out of sight spots. Whatever your holiday plan may be, this island will not fail to make an impression on you.

Patmos Island

A spiritual haven in the Aegean Sea
Patmos is known among Christians as a “Holy Island”, as Saint John the Evangelist wrote the Book of Revelation there. Chora, the main town as well as the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of the Apocalypse are on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List since 1999. Stroll along Chora’s narrow traditional streets, and feel the place’s special ambiance. Just off Chora you will see the island’s three windmills. If you’re a nature lover, follow any of the 16 hiking paths and get to know the countryside. Discover Patmos’ beautiful coastline and enjoy swimming in sandy or pebbly beaches such as Aspri, Meloi, Agriolivadi, Kampos, Groikos, Petra, Psili Ammos and many more. In almost every beach you will find traditional seaside tavernas where fresh fish and other local tasty dishes are served. Enjoy your off-the-beaten-track holiday on Patmos Island.

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