Having fun in Rethymno

A unique celebration of life!

Welcome to the medieval city of Rethymno, a city that never sleeps! Tradition goes hand in hand with music, fun and dance. Everyone is invited to join in this unique celebration of life!

In a magical setting around the old harbour and the Old Town you will find a wide variety of entertainment venues – from small cafés to buzzing dance clubs and bars. Mingle with the locals and the students in a lively, bustling atmosphere promising to offer you long nights of cheerfulness that will remain in your memory forever!

An evening in Rethymno

Participate also in a traditional Cretan feast, which usually takes place in small villages around Rethymno, or in tavernas all over the city. Let yourself be captivated by the sound of Cretan lyra – the traditional musical instrument of Crete– and by impressive folk dances. Try to dance pentozális, a traditional vigorous war dance with firm, decisive steps followed by aggressive, fast ones performed passionately by the Cretans. This dance represents revolution, bravery and hope.

No feast is complete without traditional Cretan specialties and red fine wine accompanying them. Taste Cretan kalitsoúnia (sweet mini cheese pies), lamb served with spiny chicory, dakos (the traditional hard Cretan bread accompanied with tomato, mizithra cheese and plenty of virgin Cretan oil), snails boubouristí (popping fried snails) and kserotigana (honey dipped spiral pastries) – which are only a few of the divine Cretan dishes on offer.

Carnival is just around the corner spreading throughout the city a festive alarm! Age-old cultural events organised with creativity and inspiration invite you to participate, and feel the overwhelming spirit of the carnival celebrations. On Tsiknopémpti (Fat Thursday), great outdoor parties are thrown all over the city. But the most impressive one is the “Ball of the Carnival crews”. All the groups that participate in the Great Carnival Parade organise a big party with funny theatrical performances, carnival music and lots of dancing! Be there.