P. Merakos

Greek yogurt

Rich, timeless & very nutritional

Made of fresh milk curdled and then fermented by means of bacteria, yoghurt has always been one of the finest products of the Greek farming tradition since the ancient times. Thick, creamy and super tasty, the Greek yoghurt is made of pure sheep’s milk in small dairy units. In larger ones, they usually make yoghurt with fresh cow’s milk, be it skimmed or semi-skimmed. They also add ingredients favouring health and growth for kids, or make it with strained cow’s milk (with the fat included ranging from 0%-10%) and milk cream, or even pair it with fruits and cereals as a desert to boost its nutritional capacity.

Over the past few years the Greek strained yoghurt has conquered the world, marking a startling increase in sales worldwide. 

In the best of health

Indispensable in the daily diet of kids and grownups alike, the Greek yoghurt is an easily digestible food with a very high nutritional value. Rich in calcium, phosphorus, complex B vitamins and proteins, the Greek yoghurt is a valuable ally of the kids in building up a strong body with a reinforced immune system, while it helps everybody’s bowel and overall health.

Wonderful anyway

The Greek cuisine and the Greek yoghurt have been flirting for centuries. They have met in rice dishes and in spicy tidbits. They have made love on grilled and fried vegetables, meatballs and grilled meat. They have lain amorously as dressing on salads, chicken or beef dishes, as well as béchamel sauce.

They have seasoned salty pies, while their offspring, made with garlic and cucumber, is famous worldwide as tzatziki. In some areas of Greece, yoghurt is served for fresh summer soups. Sweet and tender as it is, it has seduced honey, spoon sweets, fresh and dry fruits with its divine taste and special texture.
Easy to make

Making your own yoghurt is… a piece of cake! No preservatives and stabilizing substances needed, which means it will be fresh, tasteful and healthy anytime.