P. Merakos

A Flavourful Journey to Arachova

Due to its proximity to Athens, Arachova Town welcomes every year (from early November till late April) many visitors to its snow-covered slopes. 

Visit this hot winter destination, a great favourite for passionate ski lovers, and celebrities, or just first-time visitors who wish to relax in a dreamy mountainous setting with modern tourism facilities. Are you planning your forthcoming ski trip? Go on winter vacation to Arachova, a mountainous village nestled picturesquely on the foot of Mt. Parnassos, the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece!

Discover the traditional character of the village by taking leisurely walks through its narrow cobblestone streets. Enjoy hot and sweet, or soft and fruity drinks in hive cafes, or traditional kafeneia (coffee shops). The locals also produce their own food products, which you can taste in gourmet shops, or fine restaurants.

Share with your loved ones a memorable gourmet experience, and taste local specialties: kontosouvli (big hunks of pork skewered and put on a rotisserie with onions, tomatoes, peppers, and seasoned with salt and pepper, garlic and oregano), kokoretsi (the intestines of the lamb stuffed with organ meat), sarmades (stuffed grape leaves), traditional pies, handmade trahanas (pasta soup, can be sweet or sour), and hilopites (egg noodles made in linguine-sized strips, cut into small pieces). Arachova also produces the famous formaela cheese, a sweet smelling hard rind cheese of relatively mild flavour that you should definitely taste!

Have a sip of the divine Parnassos local wine, the red Mavroudi, the appellation of which was officially designated in 2006. The black Arαchova wine is a full-bodied and prolific variety that produces wines of a deep red hue with high alcohol content. Complete your meal with traditional spoon-sweets, or even better, try yogurt with honey, a dessert served compliments of the house.

If you are a gourmet specialist, or simply a food lover, you will certainly agree with us: Arachova is a gastronomic treasure-trove!