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The black beauty of Patras

Tentoura is a famous tranditional Patras' liquer, which the old citizens used to call “moshovolithra”, meaning something fragrant, due to its intense aroma. It was usually savoured after a hearty meal as a digestive liqueur (digestif).  Its origins date to at least 15th century Patras, which was ruled then by the Venetians. 

Tentoura has a deep brown color and an explosive aroma and taste. Its beautiful, dense texture is reminiscent of sweet Greek syrup scented with spices and citrus fruits. It is served chilled, in a small glass. It is savoured chilled, with crushed ice, diluted with a dash of cream. It is also a great flavouring for coffee, which is then called corretto. It is also served at room temperature. 

To produce Tentoura, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, citron and mandarin peels are extracted into alcohol. You can use tsipouro, or vodka. 

After a few weeks the alcohol is filtered, caramel syrup is added, then the mixture is diluted with water. It is set aside to settle for about two months.