Proud to Celebrate

Greece is the next host of EuroPride, an international event all about the LGBTQ+ community. After a long wait, Thessaloniki Pride can put its long-standing plans in motion, driven by its very apt slogan: ‘Persevere, Progress, Prosper.’ Here’s what to expect from EuroPride 2024 and its host city Thessaloniki.

Save the Date

EuroPride will be on from the 21st to the 29th of June 2024, featuring a range of events throughout the city. You’ll get to see everything, from the vast, picturesque port and the grounds of the Thessaloniki International Fair to popular spots, flavours, and experiences.

The programme includes discussions about the challenges and successes of Europe’s LGBTQ+ community, but EuroPride is also about revelling in and learning about queer identity. This means that Thessaloniki will be brimming with exhibitions, screenings, conferences, and parties leading up to the EuroPride parade on the 29th. It’s set to transform the city centre into one big street party with the White Tower wreathed in rainbow colours.

Thessaloniki Pride Prospers

You may be curious. What is it about this city that wins over so many hearts, including EuroPride’s? Thessaloniki has always been a cosmopolitan hub with a rich history and beautiful coastal landscape. In addition to fascinating views and attractions, Thessaloniki is famous for its food, nightlife, and chilled lifestyle.

If that’s not enough, its LGBTQ+ presence has thrived over the years. 2012 was the year Thessaloniki started its own pride festival, which has grown at an exciting pace, now welcoming 18,000 people and counting. This attendance and clear appreciation for the chance to celebrate queer identity gives Thessaloniki Pride all the more incentive to keep pushing the envelope in Greece, as well as the Balkans in general.

Hosting EuroPride is both an honour and an opportunity. It validates Thessaloniki as an LGBTQ+ champion with Europe’s full support, while boosting Greece’s diversity, awareness, and willingness to combat discrimination. 2024 will see visitors and locals alike come together in gorgeous Thessaloniki to embrace queerness and enjoy nine days of revels in its name.