Athens under the Michelin Stars Spotlight

MICHELIN Guide Selection Athens and Athenian Riviera
Sample Athens' delicious food revolution

The first MICHELIN Guide on Athens and the Athenian Riviera will be published, reflecting on the diversity and openness of the local culinary tradition and fine dining. In the culinary world, a distinction by the Michelin Guide is most esteemed, as is by travellers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind haute cuisine experience. The Guide’s Point Of View selection of restaurants found in the Athenian culinary scene offer unique experiences for international gourmets. Either assessed with a Michelin Star rating, a Bib Gourmand designation or just being listed in the guide is an honour in itself.

The Michelin guide started in 1900 yet its three-stars rating system began in 1931. This iconic red guide has had a certain amount of mystique among its followers these past 100 years. It is high time the readers were introduced to the exquisite Michelin Guide’s Point of View restaurants in Athens and the Athenian Riviera area, whose settings are often as intriguing as what is served on the plate.

MICHELIN Star restaurants in Athens and its environs in a glance

Delta restaurant has two MICHELIN Stars & one MICHELIN Green Star. Its chefs make use of Greek ingredients and apply Scandinavian techniques and concepts. Their sustainable approach is based on a creative omnivore tasting menu along with vegan and vegetarian options. It is located in the Athenian Riviera, on the fifth floor of the building of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC). Its triangular interior shape relates to the name of the restaurant Delta, which in the Greek alphabet is the fourth uppercase letter (Δ), a triangle with three sides in perfect harmony. It has an impressive bronze sculpted design bar and a stunning sea view. More info here.

Hytra restaurant is found on the sixth floor of the Stegi Onassis Cultural Centre, overlooking the Acropolis. It has one MICHELIN Star and serves classic Greek recipes given a modern touch. More info here.

Botrini's one MICHELIN Star restaurant is housed in a former school in the district of Chalandri. The chef offers two extensive tasting menus that showcase creative Mediterranean-focused cuisine with constant references to Greece and Italy alike. Local ingredients are used to create several dishes with a connection to the island of Corfu. More info here.

Varoulko Seaside is a one MICHELIN Star restaurant offering unique recipes, mainly focusing on fish, combining traditional and modern tastes. More info here.

Spondi restaurant is located on a busy square behind the Panathenaic Stadium. Its Mediterranean-inspired terraces and the french-influenced cuisine based on ingredients from both Greece and France have granted one MICHELIN Star. Enjoy one out of two menus; an à la carte with a number of plates to choose from or a “Discovery” tasting menu. More info here.

The Zillers restaurant, housed in a historic building, boasts a rooftop terrace and a multi-purpose Roof Garden in the Zillers Boutique Hotel with fine views of the city’s Orthodox cathedral and the Acropolis. The restaurant gained one MICHELIN Star serving light meals and snacks during the day and an international menu with a few Greek twists in the evening. More info here.

Pelagos restaurant has one MICHELIN Star and is located in the Athenian Riviera in the luxury resort Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel. It boasts a sea-view terrace with Mediterranean fusion cuisine influenced by Italy and France alike. Enjoy one out of two tasting menus; “The Classics 360o” and the Pelagos on Tour”. More info here.

Soil restaurant obtained one MICHELIN Star & one MICHELIN Green Star for its Greek based and Nordic touch cooking offering small plates that reaffirm the restaurant’s “farm to table” concept focusing on vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. It is located a stone’s throw from the Panathenaic Stadium. More info here.

CTC restaurant attained one MICHELIN Star for its Mediterranean-based cuisine, according to seasonality of ingredients, featuring modern techniques and meticulous presentation, showcased on a single 11-course surprise menu. Having a delightful terrace with trees and bushes it is sought after during the hottest months of the year. More info here.

As for the Bib Gourmand restaurants in and around Athens, they may not have gotten a star but most definitely caught MICHELIN’s attention such as Oikeîo, Nolan and Cedro Negro 1985. They are considered as friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices. Finally, don’t miss out on savouring exquisite fine dining around Athens and the Athenian Riviera in all of the Michelin Guide recommended restaurants. More info here.