Ancient Pottery Comes To Life And Invites You To Greece

The first animated spot addressed to young travelers worldwide is a fact! It is an initiative of the Greek National Tourism Organisation in collaboration with Animasyros International Animation Festival. This 2D spirited animated spot shows Greece as a family holiday destination, available in four languages ​​(English, French, German & Greek).

About the Spot

The characters in this spot are straight forward, charming and spirited. Greece in highlighted as a safe family destination, where children can get in touch with Greek history and culture, enjoy a variety of activities in the countryside, the mountains, the sea, the city and savour Greek cuisine, so viewers wish to visit the country time and again!

The Mascot

The spot’s main character, ΧέLLO (Hello), is inspired by a black- figured pottery, which comes to life and represents a happy, friendly figure that fascinates children and invites them to follow him on his journey around Greece. The spot’s children-characters were developed to help young viewers identify and yearn for a travel experience in Greece. Parents are discretely present in the spot following the wonderful journey of their children across Greece. The vivid colours of the monuments as well as the spot’s fast pace gives it rhythm and clarity.

The Script

The script aims at showcasing the wonderful experience young travelers can enjoy in Greece along with their family. The story begins with our little heroes in their homeland with their guide, ΧέLLO, appearing in their home kitchen. Their Greek journey is then set in motion on a boat in the open sea; so characteristic of Greece! They visit emblematic historical monuments, such as the Acropolis and the ancient  Theatre of Epidaurus, they taste delicious fresh food, experience outdoor activities and enjoy city strolls. The spot could only end on the wonderful and safe beaches of Greece, where the children along with their new friend have fun and enjoy their carefree holidays.