Best-selling, internationally acclaimed author, Victoria Hislop’s new 12- episode TV series, ‘’Cartes Postales’’, wraps shooting in the magical island of Crete, Greece.

Fourteen years ago, a British writer unveiled her love for Greece with an award-winning, bestselling novel called ‘’The Island’’. Three years later, Victoria Hislop’s historical novel was adapted as a 26-episode series and filmed in Crete, billed as the most prestigious production in Greek television history.

Twelve years later, it seems history is repeating itself.

Victoria Hislop is once again the bestselling author of the book being filmed. It’s named Cartes Postales and unlike its ‘between the wars’ predecessor, it is set at present time. Essentially a series of twelve highly awaited mini-films connected in a 12 episode TV Series shot entirely in Crete and London, Cartes Postales is yet another beautifully written homage to a land that has bewitched the author, and to the island’s unique beauty, customs and traditions.

And its adaptation into a lavish multi-episode series for Greece’s public TV broadcaster ERT S.A, is one of the most ambitious productions in the ERT program for the new season. Directing Cartes Postales is Georgios Papavasiliou and a galaxy of Greek stars support lead actor Andreas Konstantinou.

The TV production was undertaken by NEEDaFIXER, the well-established global film production house, and involved 84 days of shooting in over 80 different locations in Crete and London, 50 on-location core crew, 34 distinguished film and TV actresses and actors, 105 supporting actors and more than 1000 extras.

From the idyllic beaches of Elounda, the landscapes of Lassithi, breathtaking gorges and caves, endless olive farms and vineyards or the larger metropolis of Heraklion and every roadside taverna and seaside village in-between, the people of Crete are known as the most generous hosts in the Mediterranean and it has become the preferred family holiday destination for its tranquility and hospitality. The Governor of Crete himself, reflecting the fierce pride of local Cretans, told us how the whole island mobilized to ensure the production was seamless and problem free.

‘’The TV series production “Cartes Postales”, adapted of the award-winning British author, Victoria Hislop’s novel, is undoubtedly a really positive development for the Region of Crete. We firmly believe that this production showcases beautifully the unique and distinctive characteristics of our island, as those have been crafted over time. We extend our warmest congratulations to the Director, and everyone involved in this TV series for producing such great results’’ said Stavros Arnaoutakis, Governor of the Region of Crete.

And the Greek National Tourism Office in London echoed these sentiments, adding the strategic importance of Crete to the Mediterranean as the world’s most popular regional holiday destination.

‘’We are utterly excited about the upcoming “Cart Postales” series showcasing the incredible Crete. The breathtaking landscapes of Crete will become the ideal backdrop for the visualisation of a truly magnificent book. We believe that the series will be an amazing depiction of the natural beauties of Crete, showcasing the diverse tourism product of the island and the ideal promotional tool for one of the most popular tourism destinations for the UK market. Finally we couldn’t ask for a more brilliant ambassador for Greece, Victoria’s penmanship always manages to capture the authentic side of Greece and to help her readers discover all of Greece’s cultural and natural wealth’’ said Emy Anagnostopoulou, Director GNTO UK & Ireland Office.

Fittingly, the last word comes from Victoria Hislop herself, whose story ripples through the fabric of Greek society as if she were of Grecian origin herself.

“Being in Crete is always special for me, and filming Cartes Postales was an exceptional privilege. The landscapes and the people of Crete made this a truly wonderful experience and the results on the screen will bring the magic of this island to an even wider audience. I hope everyone who watches the TV series will come to Crete to see the place for themselves!”

Margaret Clunie - Staring at Cartes Postales TV Series from NEEDaFIXER on Vimeo.