Top Things to Do while you're in Coronantine!

Are you in a pickle as to what to do while you are in “Coronantine”? Are you melting into blobs in front of a glowing screen? Are you climbing the walls not knowing when all this will end? How can we help? Well, we thought of simply keeping you busy and turning you into a Greek; just kidding! As all travel plans are on hold for the time being, we’d like to suggest a couple of things that will make your time run smoothly. We’d like to take you on a virtual trip around Greece, all the while you can learn some Greek recipes, entertain yourself with films shot in Greece, explore every nook and cranny of mountain tops, delve into Greek culture and who knows dear friends; when you’re all done with our “home activities”, things might just have returned to normal and Greece will be glad welcome you all back again. Take advantage of your free time and try out our homemade fasolada. This recipe is very popular and is considered to be the national food of the Greeks! If you love beans you’ll love the bold Greek flavours in this vegan bean soup with garlic, onions, celery, tomato and a drizzle of good Greek extra virgin olive oil. If you are a dedicated cinephile, you probably already know that there are numerous Greece - inspired films, which have made the country’s beauties known worldwide. If not then break new ground and since time is on your side enjoy one today. To make the experience even better you should have something to nibble on. Make your own Tzatziki, bake your own potato crisps and accompany them with this finger-licking dip. Are you all set? Here’s a short film list we promised, the choice is yours! We’ve also got you covered if you have been sitting around moping and wishing you were out taking some fresh air. How about exploring Mt Olympus' summits? Don’t forget that mountaineering on Olympus is a divine experience as you will have set foot on the abode of the Gods! Take a look here. As you have immersed yourself in all-things-Greek, how about taking a look at its long lasting culture? We’ve got a wonderful Culture playlist in our Youtube channel you can enjoy. Last but not least, there are numerous museums you can explore from your home, such as: A virtual tour around the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens. A 360 tour of The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas in Volos, Thessaly. A 360⁰ tour of The Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production on Lesvos Island. A 360⁰ tour of The Museum the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta, Peloponnese. A 360⁰ tour of The Museum of Marble Crafts in Pirgos, Tinos Island. A 360⁰ tour of The Open-Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana, Peloponnese. A 360⁰ tour of The Environment Museum of Stymphalia, in the Peloponnese. A 360⁰ tour of The Silk Museum in Soufli. If you’d like to see inspiring posts, tweets, or boards of Greece follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.