Mouthwatering Culinary Creations

 Greek gastronomy offers you a world of flavourful foods to choose from and relish. Among the famous ones are feta cheese and creamy thick yoghurt, produced everywhere in Greece. Follow the gastronomic tour around the country, starting from Epirus region: try metsovone, a delicious hard smoked cheese from Metsovo town. Taste pastrami (cured veal) and kavourma (cooked beef), prepared according to age-old recipes in Drama town, east Macedonia. Try savoury cheese bougatsa in Thessaloniki. Scrumptious sausages are traditionally prepared with herbs and spices or smoked according to local recipes in Thrace, Thessaly and the Peloponnese. In Mesolongi, west Central Greece, ask for avgotaracho, a local choice product (grey mullet roe). Enjoy it on buttered bread, grated on a pasta dish and in salads. Greek olives are well-known for their quality and great taste; try those produced in the Peloponnese, Halkidiki and Crete. Savour louza, a pork delicacy prepared in the Cyclades Islands with various aromatic herbs such as pink savory (Mykonos Island), cinnamon and clove (Syros Island), red wine, allspice and clove (Tinos Island). Try also the delicious graviera (a hard yellow cheese) and anthotyro (a white soft cheese) from Crete.

Seafood dishes also rank high on the list of typical Greek culinary creations. Taste grilled octopus, fried squid sprinkled with lemon and sardines oven-cooked in virgin olive oil and oregano next to a dish of Cretan stamnagathi (spiny chicory) boiled greens.  

Angela Christopoulou