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Epidaurus Lyceum: International Summer School on Ancient Drama

Theme (2018): City and the Citizen CYCLE A: July 2- 16, 2018 CYCLE B: July 18- August 1, 2018 The Epidaurus Lyceum, is an international summer school of ancient drama studies and practice located in the area of ancient Epidaurus, operating annually during the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, which aims at the participation of students and graduates from Theatre Academies, Drama Schools, Dance Schools and Performing Arts' Universities from around the world. Its main focus lies on researching ancient Greek theatre (tragedy, comedy, satyr play) on a practical / experiential level, combining a wide range of approaches, from the most traditional to the most experimental methods, aesthetic trends and interpretative approaches. The programme’s workshops, masterclasses, educational visits and other activities take place at specifically chosen venues around the Epidaurus area, such as ancient theatres, archaeological sites, open air spaces and school facilities, with the support of the relevant administrative bodies. For more information, please visit the Epidaurus Lyceum official site.