Hot live act: Tindersticks at the Onassis Cultural Centre

The Onassis Cultural Centre takes part in the musical journey of the deeply poetic band of the Tindersticks, with two concerts on its Main Stage. The audience will be seated in accordance with the concept of the tour, which will take the band to emblematic European theatres including the Volksbühne, Le Bouffes du Nord, and the Barbican. The Tindersticks released their debut album in 1993, cocking a snook at every divine law of the then all-powerful music industry of their country, Great Britain. The proverbial length of the album, but, above all, the personal nature of its songs and the co-existence of well-assimilated influences in such an effortlessly grand whole ensured Tindersticks’ immediate entry into the club of elite, favorite and despised artists - for both listeners and critics. They have released ten albums and more than twenty years later, the band –down to five members now– keeps carving out unique and timeless songs. Soul, jazz, lounge and new classical elements increasingly broaden their musical palette, with the electric Fender piano and the Hammond organ, the glockenspiel, the vibraphone, and the string and brass ensembles serving the organic quality of their sound, and the heartfelt performances of the nasal bard Stuart Staples transform every lyric into a de profundis confession. May 25-26, at 21:30. www.sgt.gr