Athinorama Bar Awards - Shaker Trophy 2016: these are the best bars in Athens

In the up-and-coming bar scene of Athens, the “Athinorama Bar Awards - Shaker Trophy 2016” were presented by Athinorama a few days ago: this is a new evaluation institution that bears the stamp of Athinorama, the top city guide that, for 40 years now, informs the public about anything new and exciting. The top names of the bar scene attended the event, and a total of 15 awards (1 Shaker) were presented to as many bars, as well as 7 awards (1 Shaker) to bar-restaurants and 3 special awards. The winners are: The Clumsies Tireless alchemists, Nikos Bakoulis and Vassilis Kyritsis never stop experimenting with innovative mixes in their magical workshop, creating sophisticated and elegant cocktails. Top cocktail: Celtic forest 30, Praxitelous Str., historic centre, www.theclumsies.gr Baba Au Rum The full-blooded rum bar of Thanos Prounarous is in a very good phase. Its list draws inspiration from the avant-garde scene and offers innovative cocktails that combine high-level technique and relish. Top cocktail: Devil’s milk 6, Kleitiou Str., historic centre  Alexander’s GB Below the large mural of Alexander the Great in the lobby of “Grande Bretagne”, the serious work that is being done when it comes to spirits is evident. “Grande Bretagne” Hotel, 1, Vassileos Georgiou Str., Syntagma Sq., www.grandebretagne.gr Theory Bar and more Behind the bar of the much-frequented place in Halandri, we find a well-tuned up bartending dream team, with Manolis Lykiardopoulos in charge, Yiorgos Bagos, and Loretta Toska. Top cocktail: Fire Negroni 14, Platonos Str., Halandri, www.theorybar.gr The Gin Joint It made gin a star in Karytsi Square, it experimented with various enjoyable versions of gin tonic and almost immediately became a favorite after-office spot. Top cocktail: Dark ‘n’ stormy 1, Christou Lada Str., Karytsi Sq., 2103218646, www.theginjoint.gr Old Dog An iconic, premium cellar that is ceaselessly updated; inspired homemade materials; and cocktails by an excellent team of mixologists led by Panayiotis Kanavetas, who loves unexpected combinations of fruit, spices, herbs and exceptional distillates. Top cocktail: Stray scent 6, Sardeon Str., Nea Filadelfia, fb: Old Dog CV Distiller It has one of the most impressive bars and cellars in Athens. The basement’s beautiful tasting room houses over 700 whiskey labels and the collection keeps growing. Top cocktail: Snowball sour 7, Hadjigianni Mexi, Hilton Hotel area A for Athens Theodoros Pyrillos puts us in a time machine and takes us to the metropolises of cocktails. At each stop, he makes the most of the best recipes and updates them in his personal manner and with high technique and imagination, signing a comprehensive list that we enjoy with views of the Acropolis. Top cocktail: Horchata punch “Α for Athens” Hotel, 2-4, Miaouli Str., Monastiraki, Fb: Α for Athens Cocktail Bar Tailor Made It made history in Agias Irinis Square with its specialty coffees, but also showed that its heart pounds for spirits too. Top cocktail: Choco Skye 2, Agias Irinis Sq., www.tailormade.gr Momix Aris Hadjiantoniou took a gamble by opening the first molecular bar in town and hit the bull’s eye. A colorful cube with themed cocktails introduces us into an exciting game and innovations follow one another. Top cocktail: Bloody Hanna 1-5, Keleou Str., Gazi, www.momixbar.com Ipitou A full-blooded street bar with Parisian air that causes Ipitou Street to be crammed with people and rewards its loyal fans with a rare cellar of select spirits and the eccentric cocktails of Dionysis Polatos, a lover of Mediterranean flavors and unexpected combinations. Top cocktail: Cumulus nimbus 4, Ipitou Street, Syntagma Sq., fb: IPITOUthebar 42 Bar Athens Christos Housseas is one of the people who have contributed actively to the formation of Athens’ bar scene. The list that he proposes and executes flawlessly in the classically decorated downtown bar hides his personal pursuits and each advanced recipe “recounts” an intriguing story. Top cocktail: Ultima forsan 3, Kolokotroni Street, historic centre, fb: 42 Bar.Athens Ble Papagalos [Blue Parrot] The lovely, atmospheric, ’50s-style lounge, the dreamy swing music and, most of all, the imaginative cocktails of Nikolas Moschonas create a must-go place in Avdi Square. Top cocktail: Zako 31, Leonidou Str., Metaxourgeio, fb: Μπλε Παπαγάλος White Monkey Alexandros Kyriakopoulos has created an exotic island in a pedestrian walkway in Halandri that has it all: pirates, birds, hidden treasures and high-level performances at the bar. Top cocktail: Black pearl 6, G. Gyftopoulou, Halandri, Fb: White Monkey Barreldier In the cozy bar of Voulis Street, Mario Basso makes us take a dive into beloved classic cocktails that rest in small wooden casks. Top cocktail: Last India 7, Voulis Street, Bolanis Archade, Syntagma Sq., Fb: Barreldier Bar Restaurants The Bar-Restaurants that were awarded are:  Oozora In its new version, the bar-restaurant in Kefalari broadens its scope at the bar. Spyros Kerkyras develops the restaurant’s Japanese philosophy, incorporating it in the impressive cocktails. Top cocktail: Poire sin 54, Diliyianni Street, Kifissia, www.oozora.gr The Dalliance House The mansion with the hidden garden in Kifissia is an ideal setting for enjoying the premium drinks and cosmopolitan cocktails of Lefteris Dimitrakopoulos. Top cocktail: Αsere 19, Kyriazi Street, Kifissia, www.thedalliancehouse.com The Sowl The arrival of the new ethnic bar, in Irakleidon Street, immediately became the talk of the town. The experienced duo of Anastasis Tsamis and Yiorgos Filippidis, under the guidance of Spyros Kerkyras, serves tasty, exuberant and sophisticated cocktails. Top cocktail: Candarito 10, Irakleidon Street, Thissio, fb: The Sowl Nikkei The cosmopolitan bar-restaurant brought Peruvian air embroidered with exoticism to Kolonaki. The impressive signature cocktails of Spyros Kerkyras, who skillfully blends Peruvian spirits, are ideally combined with the original dishes of Chef Thanos Stasinos for advanced fusion delights. Top cocktail: Facundo meets Peru 3, Leventi Street, Kolonaki, fb: Nikkei Peruvian Resto Bar Artisanal One of the most beautiful bars in the northern suburbs, with a stylish mix & match décor. Dimitris Kiakos has created cocktails ingeniously mixing excellent ingredients. Top cocktail: Nutcracker 2, Zirini Street, Kifissia, www.artisanal.gr Hide and Seek It is hidden in a stylish garden and has already gained a loyal public. The bar plays a leading part, and the awesome team behind it performs fabulously with the shaker and beyond. Top cocktail: Punch not dead 250-254, Kifissias Ave., Halandri, fb: HideAndSeekAthens Balthazar The magus Balthazar surely has a hand not only in the spectacular setting of the neoclassical building in Ambelokipi but also in the alchemies that result in the creative cocktails of George Maridakis or in the cellar with the premium spirits. Top cocktail: Dia de muertos Corner of 27, Tsocha Street & Vournazou Street, Ambelokipi, www.balthazar.gr Special Awards The 3 special awards are: Best spirit list award, CV Distiller In the classic bar of Stefanos Psyllakis, the list reminds more of an encyclopedia of whiskey and spirits. The whiskey list –the largest one in Greece– is endless and features more than 750 labels: Scotch, Irish, bourbon and Japanese. Innovation award, The Clumsies On the upper floor of “The Clumsies”, just before the impressive space with the pool table, there is a room never before seen in an Athens bar; it's an organized laboratory where cocktails are “cooked” according to the most recent bartending techniques. Creativity award, A for Athens  The world of cocktails is a constant challenge for Theodoros Pyrillos; he doesn’t stop reading, traveling, being informed and evolving. For his creations, he draws inspiration from everything: music, movies, food, travels, even his childhood memories. In “A For Athens” he presents the “time machine”, an exciting and imaginative list that takes us to four capitals of cocktails, in different eras.