Explore the best beaches in Greece

Greece is rich with natural wonders. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Europe. There is something undeniably seductive in Greece in terms of beaches. Here you can find the best beaches for relaxing in this country that you should visit. Paleokastritsa Beach Paleokastritsa Beach has everything for everyone. This place is situated in Corfu, in the Ionian Sea. It is a heavenly beach with beautiful clear water. There are lots of water sports activities there that visitors can try including windsurfing, pedal boats and many more. For the sea sports lovers, snorkeling is great as well at this place. You can also take a boat trip to see the caves around this beach. Furthermore, there are many souvenir shops and restaurants where travellers can take advantage of. Sarakiniko Beach Sarakiniko beach is located on Milos Island, in Greece. It is a wonderful place where you can relax, swim or dive. With a playground of smooth volcanic rock and the crystal blue water, it is a unique spot. Besides, the scenery is amazing if you go there, you could have breathtaking views. It is particularly a perfect spot for watching the sunset.  Apart from that, you could explore all the hidden crevices and caves that are found there. It is really worth visiting. Myrtos Beach You should not miss Myrtos Beach in the region of Pylaros, on the Ionian island of Kefalonia. It is one of the most famous Greece's beaches. It is a vast beach which alternates pure white sand, fine pebbles, and azure waters surrounded by cliffs. Travellers can take great photos there, and can enjoy swimming in the clean water. This is also perfect for paddling or kayaking. In the event you are from the top of the hill, the view of the beach is truly incredible. Moreover, you can enjoy a sunbath there. Kolymbithres Beach It is one of the most dramatic seaside landscapes in the country of Greece, located in the Paros area, in the huge bay of Naoussa. Due to its picturesque beauty, it is very famous. It has gorgeous blue-green water and white sand. There, you will find a beach of fine. If you head to the often-crowded bay just opposite the port town of Naoussa, there are plenty of activities to do for all ages. You can do water ski, wakeboard, wakesurf, and other water games. Therefore,  if you want a chilled out and need a relaxing holiday, this is the best place. article by Corine Smith and www.gpluxurycarhire.com/blog