Top 5 things to do on the Greek Islands!

The Greek Islands have been on my bucket list  for as long as I can remember! Crystal clear water, sandy beaches & plate smashing all come to mind when I think ‘Greek’. Last summer I finally made my way over to the Greek Islands! After a lot of research into different tour companies I decided to do a Greek Island Hopping tour.  Looking back on my 11 days hopping through the Greek Islands, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 must-do things when visiting this idyllic part of the world. 1. Explore Ancient Athens! Seriously, this place takes the cake! Exploring the Pantheon and the Acropolis, the home of Greek Mythology and the very first Olympic games was such an incredible experience. The area around Monastiraki Square is a melting pot of old and new that you can spend hours  2. Take in a sunset in Oia There is a reason this is one of the most famous spots to watch a sunset in the world! People flock here in the thousands to catch a glimpse of the sun dipping into the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t forget to charge your camera, this is one sunset you won’t want to miss! 3. Do a ‘Slammer Shot’ in Ios The idea of putting on a helmet and slamming a fire extinguisher or skateboard into your head doesn't sound appealing at first, but once I plucked up the courage to give it a try it was quite fun!  A must-do in Ios! 4. Smash plates and eat Greek in Paros Make sure you spend at least one of your nights immersing yourself in the Greek culture! One of my most memorable nights was spent linking arms with my newfound friends, dancing, smashing plates and eating the most tender octopus I’ve ever had! 5.Get lost in Mykonos Whitewashed cobblestone streets make up the twisting alleyways throughout Mykonos. You can spend hours meandering through the alleys, stopping at eclectic shops & restaurants at every turn! A big thanks to my guide, Sarah, from Med Experience for revealing all that the Greek Islands have to offer over an incredible 11 days! Written by: Jayde Cox