Kalithea and the Sea

The pretty resort of Kalithea is one of the most peaceful places you can holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes. Life here in Kalithea revolves around the sea – from the seafood tavernas, to the diving schools that make this scenic destination their base, everything is all about the big blue. The area is perched atop a sand and shingle beach with translucent turquoise waters which provide a home to the fish that you can see darting about below. Snorkelling Snorkelling in Kalithea is a popular past time, and frankly, who wouldn’t want to spend their days bobbing around in clear blue seas? The caves in the sea provide a great opportunity for exploration. The seas are generally calm so pop on your mask, and push out from the shore to search for fish, and clamber in and out of the nooks and crannies in the caves. The Finest Restaurants Some of the finest restaurants in Kalithea are its seafood restaurants. Τraditional tavernas, situated in prime locations, overlooking the pretty bay of Kavourakia. People keep on returning, time and time again, to taste the fresh fish on offer here. Diving Until 2006 Kalithea was the only place in Rhodes where diving was permitted, and whilst these rules have now been loosened it remains the go-to resort for the finest and most established dive schools. In the depths you can hope to see multi-coloured fish darting around, and if you’re lucky octopi and barrcuda. Boat Trips Boat trips are one of the most popular tourist excursions in Rhodes and many of those on offer will include a trip to the scenic shores of Kalithea. There are a number of offerings including brief jaunts which will see you pottering from bay to bay with plenty of opportunity to leap in to the water or catch a tan. On the other hand, there are boat trips to Symi where you can learn how natural sponges are made and soak up the culture of this quaint isle. In late May thousands of moths congregate in this lush valley, replete with waterfalls and thick green vegetation. After several hours exploring this pretty region, you then get to soak up the delights of the tiny isle of Chalki. There are less than 500 inhabitants making this island’s beaches some of Greece’s more deserted. You can sunbathe in relative privacy – but be sure to bring your strongest SPF as there are no parasols at the closest beach to the harbour. Kalithea Spa Located overlooking a scenic stony bay, the Kalithea Spa is Kalithea’s most famous attraction. This well-known spot has existed since the 7th century B.C (the buildings were built much later in 1928), and once these springs were believed to provide waters with healing qualities. In the past people flocked here in their droves to be cured of all sorts of ailments. Over time the spa fell in to disrepair but it was recently restored to its former glory. Take the opportunity to wander around this historic site, drinking in the gorgeous sea views. For those who are particularly enamoured with the location, the spa now hosts weddings in this pretty location replete with intricate tilework, trickling fountains and fresh sea waters just below. Whilst you still can’t plunge yourself in to the waters to heal a hangover or head cold you can grab an ice cold drink at the cafe here, and that’s just as good, right? article by www.dealchecker.co.uk see original article here