Top Five Beaches of the Ionian Sea

Just picture it. You are laying on a sunbed, ice-cold drink in your hand with the hot Mediterranean sun on your face. A gentle sea breeze flows through your hair as the soft sound of waves spilling up onto the shore washes over you. You lean off the edge of your sunbed and drape your hand down into the silky white sand, letting the grains slip through your fingertips. Is this paradise, heaven? Close, this is Greece. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia There is a lot to love about Myrtos beach. Set before a steep hillside and only accessible by a long winding pathway, it is a treasure that exists only for the people willing to go looking for it. The southern edge of the beach is home to an intriguing cave system, guaranteed to attract the adventurer in you but, the beach itself also the perfect place to while away the hours relaxing in the hot Mediterranean sun. The pristine colours of this beach, pure white sand and perfect azure blue Ionian Sea, make it appear to be the work of the imagination not of mother nature. However, this beach is very real and is waiting to be discovered. Paleokastritsa, Corfu Located on the shoreline of Paleokastritsa village, a place well worth visiting on its own merits, is the beautiful and charming Paleokastritsa beach. Held within a cutaway cove, surrounded by striking rock formations and rustic Greek woodland, this beach has a very natural and laid back atmosphere. The Ionian Sea beyond is stunning, crystal clear and often studded with small boats. Warm and inviting, the waters are perfect for a bit of snorkeling or swimming, but the biggest draw to this beach is simply sitting and looking out onto the beautiful scenery beyond. Voidokilia, Peloponnese One of the most beautiful and lavish beaches in all of Greece is the incredible Voidokilia, found north of Pylos in the Peloponnese region. A complete semicircle of luscious white sand, the beach sits within a sheltered bay, with only a small gap between it and the Ionian Sea. This beach is very much in the middle of nowhere, with the closest village over 2km away. On a quiet day, this makes Voidokilia feel like a desert island paradise, a hidden gem on the shore of the glittering Ionian Sea. Navagio Bay, Zante No list of Greek beaches would be complete without the most famous of them all: Navagio Bay. The poster child for Greek Island paradise, the contrasting colours of the sand, cliffs and waters make for some incredible photo opportunities and some even more incredible first-hand experiences. A beach with a diverse personality, Navagio plays host not only to those not only looking to relax, but those looking for adventure and to let off some steam too -- party boats regularly run to Navagio bay during the summer months. Egremni, Lefkada Home to a beach bar, a popular draw to this exotic location, Egremni is the classic example of a Greek beach. Relatively large, you’ll find -- during the summer months -- that the beach is split into two sections. One area houses sun loungers, cabanas and the aforementioned beach bar, and the other is a more open space, perfect for playing beach games and setting out blankets. The perfect destination for holidaymakers, Egremni adds that touch for comfort to the gorgeous aesthetics you’d expect from a list of top five beaches. Words by Cliff Blaylock of Ionian-based Deep Blue Yachting.