The new trends of cocktailing in Athens

More and more creative, the mixology scene of Athens does not cease to intrigue the lovers of cocktailing with new suggestions and places in nearly every district of the city. If for you, the ideal cocktail list must have a certain concept, then look for “Clumsies” in the area of the historic centre; the brand new “Underdog” in Thission, the all-time classic “Baba au Rum” – one of the top-50 bars in the world; and “42”, where each cocktail is part of a story, either a love story or a story from space. The cocktails with a twist that are based on classic recipes are another strong trend in popular bars, such as “A for Athens” in Monastiraki, and “Spiti” in Halandri. At the same time, the aged cocktails served by “Barreldier” are becoming ever so popular. Finally, food pairing, the worldwide trend of pairing food and cocktails, becomes a practice at new spots, such as “Noel” in downtown Athens and “Artisanal Lounge & Gardens” in Kifissia.