Top 5 Ionian Island Experiences

Welcome to the beautiful shores of the Ionian Islands, a group of sun-kissed paradises that weave their way around the west coast of Greece. Popular among residents and internationals alike, the Ionians are home to all the perfect Greek experiences you’d expect from islands nestled in the glimmering heart of the Mediterranean. Whether you are looking for a relaxing and meandering weekend, or a fast-paced, adrenaline fueled adventure, this collection of seven classically Greek islands has everything you could ever need.

Explore the Depths, Corfu

One of the most popular islands, not just in the Ionians but all of Greece, Corfu is well-known for its booming tourism. With large resorts, towns full of bars and great food along with waterparks and holiday activities like jetskiing and banana-boating, the island is a great place for family holidays. However, if that type of trip isn’t for you, don’t strike Corfu of the list just yet. The island has a lesser known holiday scene, this time for divers. Home to a number of vibrant dive spots, including naturally formed ones on the west coast and wrecks on the east, the island is the perfect place for those either learning to dive, or experienced divers looking for adventure. Grab a Board, Lefkada Acclaimed by locals and surfing pros alike, the Greek Island of Lefkada is known the world over as one of Europe's top surfing destinations. Down on the south coast, where the two shore lines of east and west converge towards each other creating the triangular bay of Vassiliki, you’ll find the best beaches on the best island for catching waves and hanging ten. The Mediterranean winds swirl and funnel down through the bay, whipping up the waves and making this the perfect place to hone your boarding skills. Soak Up The Peace and Quiet, Paxos Peaceful, picturesque and traditional, three words that perfectly encompass everything we love about Paxos. Despite its incredible coastline, quaint little Greek towns and endless olive groves, the tourism industry has had little impact on this island over the years, which is precisely what makes it so worth visiting. The only way onto the island is via boat, either ferry or your own. Once on land, you can spend your time experiencing true Greek island culture - be it wandering through the small villages and enjoying their harbourside cuisine or simply relaxing on the quiet Mediterranean beaches - untainted by hordes of visitors. Turn Back Time, Kefalonia The history of Greece is a long and vibrant one. Famed across the world, it can sometimes be hard to tell the fact from the mythology, as tales of battles and kings have become intertwined with those of monsters and magic. While it may be nigh-on impossible to find the boundaries of fact and fiction, what we do know to be fact often comes from what the Greeks left behind. Examples of ancient ruins remain scattered across the length and breadth of the Greek Islands. Kefalonia is a prime example of an island that saw many towns rise and fall in its years, remnants of which can still be found to this day. Ruins and ancient historical sites that history-lovers simply can’t miss include the Cyclopean Walls, the Mycenaean Tomb and the Cave of Drakena. Explore the Melissani Cave, Kefalonia There are two ways to experience this location, one of Greece’s most awe-inspiring sights. You can park and follow a man-made tunnel system or, and more highly recommend, you can take a rowboat from the nearby coast. Once inside the cave, riddled with stalactites and luscious waterside greenery, you’ll soon come to the Melissani Cave’s party piece: a deep blue and crystal clear lake, illuminated by the sunlight above that enters the cave through a large natural skylight above. The sight of the cave is pure decadence for the eyes; one of Greece’s truly unmissable locations. Article written by Cliff Blaylock of www.deepblueyachting.co.uk.