Alternative Greek Holidays

Greece is a country with a fascinating history, rich culture and staggering scenery which is why millions of people flock to its shores every year in search of an unforgettable holiday. For most, the idea of a Greek getaway is one spent on its white sandy beaches or in their world famous tavernas, but there is so much more to the country than those offering up villa or resort holidays would have you believe. Greece is host to smorgaboard of unqiue and incredible experiences and, surprisingly, not all of them are to be had at the beach. If you are looking to get a bit more out of your holiday, then below we have five types of trips you can take across Greece. Trips guaranteed to take you to places you've never been before. Hike Across Greece There are many mountainous areas to be found in Greece, from famous Mount Olympus to a thousand lesser explored peaks and gorges. It is hard to say exactly where travelers should go hiking, as there are so many incredible mainland and island locations, but what we do know is that Greece is a paradise for walkers and hikers alike. We recommend that you do some digging on this subject yourself, if you are interesting this type of holiday that is, but can't finish without advising you to on our favourite hiking locations. You can start on Crete, by hiking the island’s many mountainous areas, including the stunning Samaria Gorge, before hopping on a ferry to Santorini, where you can explore this volcanic islands violent, yet beautiful, terrain. Explore Greece's Underwater World Given the thousands of miles of coastline surrounding Greece and her islands, it’s no surprise that there are a plethora of excellent diving locations to be found beside the country's shores. Diving can either form one excursion on your holiday or be the sole reason that you go to Greece; there are simply so many locations to be explored. Go Native If you are one for integrating with the local culture, then this is the holiday you really want to be going on. Avoid areas of high tourism and instead, head for islands or villages that have remained relatively untouched. There are plenty of small hotels and B&Bs in these types of areas; some websites even help you get in touch with local hosts. This allows you to become completely immersed in the culture and customs of Greece, and see a world few visitors ever truly get to experience. Take a Once In A Life-Time Road Trip Why settle for one piece of Greece when you can see it all? While driving between islands is a no go, you can still travel all around the country's mainland. Driving from the Alps to Athens and seeing anything or everything in between would be a simply unforgettable experience. A road trip like this allows you to make it personal, giving you the power to stop at all the little villages, ancient ruins, or beautiful scenic locations that appeal to you. If you live in Europe, it is easy enough just to take your own car, as the Eurostar and other train services can get you closer to the country, without having drive the entire distance. Although isn't that part of the journey? Sail The Glorious Med In a country bound together by so much water, there is only one real way to see all of it, and that's by boat. Sailing allows you to take on a road-trip like journey, while encompassing all of the best experiences both on the mainland and around the islands. Sailing enables you to do a number of activities other tourists visiting the islands simply can't do. This includes such things as mooring up on a deserted island beach, taking in both the tourist areas and the more traditional areas and being able to experience the unique atmospheres of every island that Greece has to offer. This article was written by Cliff Blaylock of Greece's own yachting holiday charter service, www.deepblueyachting.co.uk.