Family vacation in Greece, find your local child minder!

Greece rises as the ideal family vacation destination for those european families who wish to spend carefree moments by crystal blue waters and sun kissed beaches while at the same time spend time in a country blessed from history and civilisation, filled with ancient monuments and present opportunities to make this history part of their modern experiences. Over the  past  years, Greece has developed such infrastructure that can accommodate every modern family’s need for both quality and affordable holidays, whether it comes to all-inclusive hotel facilities to big hotel complexes or traditional seafront guesthouses. But still, if you want to live the full greek experience together with a relaxing vacation without guilt that your children are not having the time of their lives or without having to fend for every single of their needs, Nannuka is the missing link of your… holiday project! Nannuka is an easy, quick and safe online service that connects parents with kids experts and businesses for children. Babysitting, education, entertainment, creative play are only some of the services available to parents all over Europe but especially for summer, Nannuka offers a unique opportunity for european visitors to experience model family vacations with some help from… the locals. Who can introduce your family better to the local culture if not greek certified babysitters that combine their love of children with the love for their country? While you can get useful information through blue guides and internet agendas for your destination, no one can initiate you better to the best kept secrets, reserved only to the locals,  about places, monuments, gastronomical paradises, beaches, sea shores and natural paradises from the people who are actually a part of that cultural ecosystem. If you want to taste the experience where classic history beautifully dissolves to modern living, browse through Nannuka’s well updated lists and choose from a rich variety of detailed and validated expert profiles, with other users’ reviews and references - safety is a top priority for a company made of parents for parents- and choose the ideal babysitter for you! Whether you prefer an island in the Aegean or the Ionian sea, a medieval city or a picturesque little village in the greek countryside, a place of cultural heritage or of modern aesthetics, the capital of Athens with the colossal monument of Parthenon or a small scale walkable city with a seashore, a local babysitter will help you find the time to discover, explore and finally enjoy the authentic greek experience so that you and your children don’t just have a postcard sense of the place you are visiting. In Nannuka, we are proud to offer your family the opportunity to “live your myth” in Greece, to relax and both create a warmer and more sincere bond with the place you are visiting while promising you that next year you will choose Greece for another family vacation and Nannuka as the most trustworthy guarantee for carefree moments so that you will never have to say again that it... were all Greek to you! article by Nannuka