Astypalaia, an ideal relaxing holiday destination

Astypalaia island, Greece. There are numerous things that make this island an ideal relaxing holiday destination. When I say this, some of you might imagine long sandy beaches with fancy sun-beds, fancy drinks and a well-known dj playing some of the latest hits. This is far from reality. The beaches are beautiful but in a totally different way - in a simple way. They are small, cute, full of sea-shells and there are barely any facilities. In most cases there isn’t even a proper street leading to them so they are kind of secret - and I am going to keep these secret so no beach names on this post, just ask the locals who are always genuinely happy and ready to help you! So explore and enjoy nature in the most simple way! Just grab a towel, your flip-flops and a bottle of beer from a local mini market. The quiet natural untouched landscape will allow you to forget everything and focus on the amazing crystal clear blue water. I rarely use the term amazing but in this case it is more than appropriate! The water is so transparent that you will most probably end up observing beautiful fish while they swim around you from the very first second you enter the water. While driving from beach to beach, there is no way to miss the wild thyme bushes which grow across the island. It is said that wild thyme indicates pure atmosphere so no surprise that entire hills of the island are ‘painted’ purple in summer. Bees love it too so before leaving the island don’t forget to buy locally produced thyme honey! And speaking about locally produced products, food is super tasty in a simple way as well! Don’t even try to find any Michelin-starred restaurants. Just choose family run restaurants by the sea. But if you are up for a more 'adventurous’ lunch go on a day cruise with some of the local fishing boats. If you are lucky enough you will enjoy a bbq on a remote beach with loads of freshly caught fish and octopus. Finish your day in a peaceful stylish place after taking a walk in the town. Little towns are also very picturesque in their own simple way. White and blue dominates. Everyday objects have been transformed into flower pots or door decorations. Shop handmade wooden signs are also a piece of art. So yes, Astypalaia island is my ideal holiday destination because it always reminds me that sometimes we might be too busy trying to create or find beautiful things but actually beauty is simply all around us. If you look, you will see it! article by myrtiworld