Chic wedding in Mytilini

There is no denying that this wedding in Mytilini is something special. A wedding rich with love on the amazing island of Lesvos. A Greek island of in the North Eastern Aegean known for its history, its authentic natural beauty, the numerous lush olive groves, the monasteries and Mediaeval castles and the charming scenic beaches. No wonder this beautiful island has inspired artists and writers over the years... Their wedding ceremony took place at Panagia Gorgona (Virgin Mary the Mermaid), a church built on a rock next to the deep blue sea. Set against the beautiful landscape of Skala Sykamnias, a traditional fishing village with an amazingly peaceful view of the deep blue sea, their wedding was an unforgettable and heartfelt celebration for everyone present and especially for this living couple. article by love for weddings photography by C&P Sofikitis see full article here