Tailor made experiences signed by Grace

Grace Hotels group, constantly expanding its portfolio with luxury hotels in exclusive destinations around the world, from Greece to the US to Argentina to Panama, now breaks fresh ground through the “Bespoke by Grace” service. This service enables guests to customize the details of their stay before arriving at the hotel. So, the “Bespoke in-room” scheme gives them the opportunity to choose pillows and air fresheners that are to their liking and bathrobes with the guests’ initials embroidered on them. The “Bespoke for Kids” is adapted to the needs of younger visitors. The “Bespoke Experiences” are a recent addition, featuring a series of theme activities that vary in each hotel and always depend on the destination. For example, at “Grace Mykonos” the guests have the opportunity to enjoy a ride on horseback at the beaches and the trails of cosmopolitan Mykonos, to try local dishes made by Chef Eleni Melirrytou, or to have a romantic dinner in a 19th-century lighthouse.