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“Experiential engagement photo shoot in the heart of the Greek archipelago: Santorini”

A beautiful Greek island which once used to have a round shape, now counts four more satellites around it as part of the eternal process of evolution. Thirassia, Aspronissi and the volcanic islets of Palea and Nea Kameni together with Santorini, compose this unique paradise on earth embracing a stunning azure lagoon in the middle. As a photographer, I love working with inspirational people and within fascinating locations. I find, that I automatically become all the more creative drawing energy like a magnet from my immediate surroundings. I simply cannot forget this experiential engagement photo shoot in the heart of the Greek archipelago! When traveling enthusiasts Natalie and Tim from the United States reached our studio seeking for a collaborator for a photo shoot concerning their engagement on unique Santorini, I jumped to the opportunity. We met on the island and embarked with immense excitement on a two-part photo shoot, the first of which praised the glory of the famous Santorini sunset and the other allowing the warm Grecian morning sun caress their body and soul on the next morning. Walking around the picturesque alleys of Santorini, adorned with colorful bougainvilleas and blue domed chapels, the couple experienced the hidden secrets and unexpected thrills of Santorini at every turning corner and at every single click of my camera. The yielded photographic material portrayed the couple in a soft, romantic bohemian vibe while capturing at the background the stunning sceneries of Santorini’s white-washed alleyways and its dramatic seascapes embracing the sleeping volcano. All-in-all, this is what I consider to be a memorable engagement photoshoot where Natalie and Tim became for me the epicenter of attention 300 meters above sea level on Santorini’s astonishing volcanic Caldera…. Article by photographer Yiota Anagnou Les Anagnou photographers